Lighting for the living room - what is worth paying attention to?

Lighting for the living room - what is worth paying attention to?

When arranging a living room, we must remember about the right lighting. It should combine users' requirements, functionality and aesthetics. What exactly should one pay attention to when choosing lamps for the living room?

Good lamps for the living room - what are they?

On sale you can find a lot of different products used as lighting for the living room. These are both surface-mounted lamps as well as rail systems that allow for a variety of arrangements. Appropriately selected lighting allows you to create a variety of lighting effects - both can be bright and illuminate any space, as well as more climatic and romantic. The flexibility of the living room lighting is therefore very important - thanks to this, it can be individually adapted to each function of the living room!

Lighting in the living room - how to fit them to the function of the interior?

Lamps located in the living room can perform several different functions depending on their purpose. It is therefore worth choosing different lamps that will allow us to achieve optimal results.

The lighting functions in the living room can be divided into three categories:

  •     general lighting - is designed to provide general lighting of the room, that is, it should be bright and give a wide beam of light to illuminate the largest possible surface
  •     accent lighting - extracts details from the interior, for example, it is used to highlight the pictures, walls, decorations, architectural details inside it
  •     supplementary lighting - it has to complement general and accent lighting in the living room. It allows you to create a climate atmosphere in the interior, often by changing the color of lighting thanks to LED RGB diodes.

Choose lighting for the living room that will meet all your requirements

We should start designing a living room by defining our needs that are related to this interior. Which ones are the most important for us? Which in turn have a lower priority?

The needs of users should therefore be a key criterion when choosing the right lighting for the living room. The salon can serve us, among other things, to relax, including watching television, playing board games, but also to eat meals or party receptions. Which lighting will work best then?


When the living room is only to be used for recreation, then we should choose the lighting that gives a pleasant, scattered light with a warm color. You can also supplement them with accent lighting, for example for highlighting paintings or furniture on the walls. In addition to the main lamps, for example a large LED ceiling or modern rail lighting or lamps recessed in the form of a line of light or the most popular luminaires for suspended ceilings, it is worth to use sconces or other types of indirect light sources, for example floor or table lamps. Lampshades and lampshades of such lamps should allow the light to diffuse to make it softer. To make the living room lighting even more versatile, it is worth choosing lamp models with the function of adjusting the sheaf of light and the color temperature. Such functions are offered by modern, integrated LED lamps.

Square ceiling LED for the living room Ceiling lights for the living room

Light rail for the living room Recessed luminaires in the living room

Watching television

The television is best viewed in a slightly illuminated room. Both for the bright light, as well as its lack are not recommended. The light should also not be directed to the screen. A good choice may then be LED wall lights that gently light the wall with the TV, as well as standing luminaires that can emit indirect light.

Wall light LED above TVWall lighting with TV


When we like to read in the living room, then it is also worth taking care of proper lighting of the interior. High light intensity will therefore be necessary for comfortable reading. It is best to use standing lamps, which we place at your favorite reading place, for example by the sofa or by the armchair. Adjusting the lens will allow us to adjust its position to our needs. The light should fall from behind so as not to cause blinding and not give a shadow. Modern LED floor lamps allow you to change the color of light, such a lamp can also serve as a decorative lamp, providing the right mood in the living room.
floor lamp LED for the living roomfloor LED lamp in the living room

If the living room is to serve us as a place to meet with loved ones, for example at the dining table, then it is also worth to adequately illuminate this space. A great choice may be LED hanging lighting placed above the table - a low suspended lamp can become a fashionable accent in the interior and give the necessary lighting, for example, for joint dinners, to play games.

LED pendant lamp above the tableModern pendant lamp above the table

To illuminate the living room, we should remember that the lamps in it should be individually adapted to the functions of the interior and to your needs!


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