Which lamps to choose for a small kitchen?

Which lamps to choose for a small kitchen?

Arranging a small kitchen does not have to be very difficult. When decorating, it is also worth paying attention to lighting. Lamps for the kitchen should be tailored to the needs and habits of users, functional, and also use the potential of a given space. What should you pay attention to when choosing lighting for a small kitchen?

General lighting - it affects the functionality of the interior

Poorly lit kitchen is a big problem - it's hard for us to cook, prepare meals or clean up. Without proper kitchen lighting, the use of this interior is less comfortable and can also cause frustration. General lighting of the kitchen is the basic lighting of this interior. It should illuminate the whole room, so it should have a wide angle of light and give well scattered light. The narrow angle of illumination means that the kitchen will not be well-lit, and light spots will be visible on the walls and floor. Such lamps are best suited as accent lighting, for example for lighting architectural details, paintings and other decorations. So we choose LED lamps with milk screens that diffuse light, and if we choose frames or spotlights, we choose a light bulb with a wide viewing angle to illuminate the largest possible surface!

In small kitchens, general lighting can be created using various types of lamps, for example:

  •     hanging lamps
  •     plafonds
  •     surface mounted luminaires
  •     recessed luminaires
  •     rail lighting systems
  •     LED light lines

Remember, however, that general light can not be the only one that should be in a small kitchen. To make the use of this room even more comfortable, let's also remember about additional light sources.

Lighting of the kitchen countertop - cooking will become even more enjoyable

When you like to cook in your kitchen, in this case, it is worth to ensure proper lighting of the countertop. In professional kitchens in restaurants, countertops are illuminated with a strong light of 500 lux. We can choose a weaker light for the home kitchen - 300lx-500lx. Good lighting of the kitchen countertop is such lighting that does not cause a shadow effect. In addition to the main lighting, usually mounted behind the back of a person standing at the worktop, it is best to use under cabinet lighting, which will effectively brighten the working surface. It can be in the form of eyelets or line lighting in the form of aluminum profiles for LED strips. The profile can be recessed into the milled bottom of the kitchen cabinet, like the Triada-K profile or fixed on the furniture and wall connection, like the LOC-30 profile.

LED profile Triad for under-cupboard lighting.LED corner under-cupboard in the kitchen

When it comes to light sources, it is worth using in the kitchen with modern LED lighting - fixtures, lamps and LED bulbs. This lighting is energy-saving, durable and does not emit heat, therefore it is a better solution than halogen lighting.

Color temperature of light - it affects the appearance of the kitchen

When we want to choose the right lighting for the kitchen, we should also pay attention to the color temperature of the light sources. The color temperature is divided into three categories, namely:

  •     warm lighting
  •     neutral lighting
  •     cool lighting (cold)

If the kitchen is to be the center of life for the household, it is worth choosing light sources with a warm color (2700K, 3000K). This is a light with a yellowish hue, similar to that of a filament lamp. It creates a cozy atmosphere in interiors, promotes relaxation, gives a fashionable hygge effect.

When the kitchen is to serve mainly as a workplace, then it is worth choosing light sources with a neutral color temperature (4000K-4500K). Such light resembles natural sunlight and well reproduces colors, best suited for modern arrangements. It allows you to emphasize chrome-plated, high-gloss surfaces.

People who do not know which lighting to choose may also opt for lighting fixtures that allow for smooth adjustment of the color temperature, for example, Tunable-White fixtures from AQform. They allow you to change the temperature of light from 2700K up to 6500K (eg maxi ring or big size)

Easy cleaning - choose lamps that are resistant to dirt

When choosing lighting for the kitchen, we should also remember to pay attention to the materials that were used for the production of lamps. They should be resistant to dirt and also easy to keep clean. It is best to opt for luminaires with tight bodies, tightly bound, finished with materials that can be cleaned, for example glass, metal or plastic. Avoid lamps with lampshades made of fabric or paper.

When we want to opt for the lighting of a kitchen with smaller dimensions, let us remember that the selection of appropriate lighting items is also of great importance here. Properly selected lamps will make the small kitchen not only aesthetic, but also functional!

Modern ceiling lighting in the kitchen Lamps hanging above the kitchen counter

 Lamps for the kitchen above the table and countertop

Rail lighting in the kitchenHanging lamp for the kitchen

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