How to create the perfect makeup lighting in your bathroom?

How to create the perfect makeup lighting in your bathroom?

The preparation of a perfect make-up requires not only properly selected cosmetics - equally important is the proper lighting, which will make it easier to apply them for a perfect result. Which bathroom lighting works best for make-up?

Make-up is best applied in daylight. However, we do not always have the option of using this type of light - sometimes we are painting in the evening or in the bathroom there is simply no window. Then the key is to create a bathroom lighting that will evenly illuminate the face, and thus facilitate the preparation of makeup. The most common problems with makeup, such as unevenly spreading the foundation or smeared mascara, is the effect of ill-fitting illumination. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes in a few simple steps and what to do in arranging the make-up area.
Bathroom lighting for makeup - not just the main lamp

In bathrooms, the main and ceiling lighting are most often used. However, this is not enough to prepare a successful make-up with the use of colorful cosmetics. It is worth taking care of the best lighting over the mirror, which will be used to highlight the beauty.

Ideally, the bathroom design should also include additional lamps located either on the edge of the mirror or above it. Often, these are light sources that use LED technology for excellent color rendering. A large part of the mirrors and dressing tables are factory-equipped with such a designed light to comfortably make a make-up.
Dispersed light - the best for make-up

When the light is excessively focused, then it will cast stronger shadows, and thus may more emphasize skin imperfections and hinder the precise application of makeup. To prepare the make-up diffused light is best suited, which will evenly illuminate the entire face, while minimizing shadows.

To achieve this effect in the bathroom, it is best to choose lamps equipped with milk shades or light strips with similar diaphragms. An important role is also played by the place where the light source will be placed. Experienced make-up artists recommend that it be located a short distance from the top of the mirror in the case of single or double lamps.
Warm or cold - the best color of light

When preparing a make-up in the bathroom, the color temperature of the light is also important - in other words, the color of the light. It is thanks to the suitably chosen color, when applying makeup, the skin has a natural color, so choosing the right shade of makeup cosmetics will not cause any problem.

The best light for makeup will be neutral, which is between warm and cold. Ideally, the light source used in the bathroom should have a CRI color mapping factor> 90. Both in home use and among professional make-up artists, the most frequently used light bulbs are those using LED technology. This is not only related to energy saving, but also to the long life of this technology. Could there be anything worse than sudden loss of some lighting when performing a make-up before an important trip?
The power of the light source - without excessive glare

The ideal strength of a light source for face lighting when preparing a make-up will be from 500 to 1000 lux. Choose the appropriate light intensity to ensure maximum comfort. A well-chosen light will make your makeup more accurate, with no unpleasant imperfections spoiling the final result. In addition, you will perform it much faster without having to correct it.

So when you want to design a bathroom perfect for painting in front of a mirror, with our tips you will definitely get the desired effect! We invite you to familiarize yourself with collections designed for bathrooms. There you will find the lamps you are looking for.

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