Wall lamps for reading in bed - what to choose for the bedroom?

Wall lamps for reading in bed - what to choose for the bedroom?

Do you like reading before bedtime? In this case, it is worth taking care of the appropriate lighting in the bedroom, so that reading before falling asleep was comfortable. What should you pay special attention to?

To keep reading in bed, do not bother too much eyes, and do not bother the other half, we have to choose the right lamps. Wall-mounted sconces will work great in this role. Although the choice of the right model, adapted to our individual needs, as well as being an aesthetic addition in the bedroom, it may not be easy. We will try today's post, help those who are undecided or those who lack the idea.

Sconces have a huge advantage over classic ceiling lamps, because these well-chosen lights direct the light in the place we have set. We have the opportunity to read a part of the new book without disturbing our partner. The less scattered light falling from the sconce, the greater the comfort of its use.

In stores you will find a wide range of different types of wall lamps. Also in our assortment there are various models designed for mounting in the bedroom and ideally suitable for reading. Wall lamp can also be a great designer addition. Both modern and classic models find their fans. Regardless of whether we choose a wall lamp with a decorative lampshade or a Scandinavian style model for the bedroom, it is important that, apart from the design, it is also functional. What, then, choose from the wide range available on the market?
Wall lamp for reading - important head adjustment

For reading in bed to be pleasant, it is best to direct a focused sheaf of light onto a book. Your eyes will not get tired and you will not disturb your partner's sleep. That's why you should think about buying wall lamps with head adjustment, for example the most popular models:

  •     BPM Elena 8106 in black and white
  •     Elkim Sulta 220 in black or white
  •     BPM Okuma 8105 in polished aluminum, black and white colors
  •     Snake Linea Light in black and white

These lamps are also compact and will work in any, even the smallest bedroom. This small addition can give your bedroom a unique style. Even the shape, color and type of material from which it is made can emphasize the uniqueness of your bedroom.
A bedroom in a modern and traditional style

To make the bedroom look attractive, the type of lamps should also be chosen for its arrangement. Sometimes this is a difficult task, but manufacturers are trying to compete to create products other than competitors. Thanks to this, in the end, customers have a much wider choice and can create arrangements at will.

These models such as Okuma, Elena, Sulta and Snake are perfect for modern interiors. A great idea can also be original sconces from the rich Astro Enna series.

For classic interiors, models of wall lamps with Astro Napoli and Ravello lampshades will also be equipped with additional adjustable lamps on the movable arm.

The lovers of futuristic lighting will also like the Linea Light MA & DE 2Nights W2 7976, 7978, 7943, 7945 models. They have an interesting construction - on the one hand it can be used as an adjustable reading lamp and on the other as decorative wall illumination, for example resembling fire or water thanks to replaceable filters.
The color of light is best for reading

When choosing the right wall lamp for reading in the bedroom, it is also worth paying attention to the color of the light bulb or LED source.

For reading at bedtime the best will be warm or neutral colors, which do not tire your eyes and prepare for rest. We strongly advise against using this white cold color, which stimulates action instead of mute the body before going to sleep. Make sure to wake up rested in the morning.

All LED sconces presented below are available in our store along with the entire range of other wall lamps!

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