Remarkable lighting ideas - LED flower pots

Remarkable lighting ideas - LED flower pots

The interior and garden can be illuminated in a multitude of ways. In addition to wall lamps, ceilings, adjustable spotlights or eyelets mounted in the ground, we can also opt for original solutions - LED flower pots. Learn more about this unique garden lighting.

Flower pots are one of the most common elements of floral decorations. Thanks to them, we can create effective compositions of flowers, herbs or shrubs not only in homes and gardens, but also on balconies, terraces, entrances and porches. All people who love to spend time with family or friends in the garden, try to create a pleasant, safe and unique atmosphere there. The pots make an even greater impression by lighting stands at fairs, exhibitions, conferences, as well as in hotels, shops and restaurants. The combination of modern LED technology with live plants is something that definitely catches the eye and makes the garden a place of rest.

On sale you can find a variety of pots that are made of materials such as ceramics, steel, concrete, plastics or wicker. The material from which the pot is made must also work in varying atmospheric conditions if necessary. Additionally stylistically matched to the colors of small garden architecture and accessories in the garden. We also have original proposals at our disposal, which stand out from the background of garden classics - they are LED pots, i.e. pots illuminated with LED bulbs. Illuminated flower pots will decorate not only paths, pavements, but also elements of small garden architecture.

LED planters - immediately catch the eye

Flower pots using LED lighting can not only serve as a place to plant various species of plants, but also in themselves constitute a unique decorative element. There are interior and exterior versions to choose from, there are many sizes, designs and shapes of LED pots. This unique technology has the ability to set almost any color (RGB version), so during the year you can change the composition and mood by changing the color. By combining lighting such as spotlights, wall lamps and flower pots, you can create a unique decorative composition. It depends only on your ideas how your garden or interior can look.

The pots are made of durable plastic resistant to external factors. The LED flowerpot housing is also a kind of lampshade for the LEDs inside, usually in the form of a light bulb. The light sources used in pots are usually replaceable, which is why they can be easily replaced when the bulbs currently in use cease to work. The power supply takes place using standard cables connected to the socket.

Due to the fact that the LED pots have high IP67 tightness classes (outdoor versions), they are resistant to weather conditions, including pollution and moisture. So you can easily set them outside without worrying about their functioning.

Various colors of LED pots

The LED pot light can have different colors - warm white, cold white, as well as RGB (red, green, blue and other colors resulting from mixing these 3 colors) with the option of changing colors with the remote control. Each of the colors available in the LED pot can be individually adjusted to the arrangement of the space in which it is to appear. The LED flower pot is therefore an interesting choice for the garden, as well as for many other spaces, for example for a balcony, terrace or patio. Internal versions are perfect for various events, fairs, parties, meetings, etc. It can also look great in homes and apartments, it is easy to move and rearrange them.

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