Built-in profiles - stylish linear lighting

Built-in profiles - stylish linear lighting

Where elegant and original interior lighting matters, built-in profiles can be the perfect choice. They can be used in private buildings, apartments as well as offices, offices and shops. This modern lighting has great arrangement possibilities. Perfect for modern interiors, thanks to the fact that it is almost invisible. A properly selected profile and LED strip allow you to achieve the effect of a continuous line of light without the effect of dots and any aluminum elements on the outside of the ceiling ensuring the effect of light flush with the ceiling or wall.

Built-in light profiles work perfectly with modern linear lighting based on LED strips. Profiles uniformly illuminate the environment - thanks to their special structure, no shaded or excessively lit points inside the profile are created. It is an ecological and energy-saving solution that allows you to get interesting lighting in rooms such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Their easy and quick surface mounting with springs is not a problem even for people without much experience. Profiles can also be mounted as built-in G-K boards, but their installation will require mesh and plaster processing

Which built-in profile should you choose?

Currently on sale we can find a wide range of profiles for building in plasterboards, including, among others, Kozma, Kozel, Sekodu, Lipod, Lokom, Lesto or Larko, which differ in their width of illumination, external finishing and assembly method . Each of the profiles we offer is made of the highest quality aluminum with a milky plastic cover, they are easy to cut and cut to any length, which allows them to fit the ceiling or wall. These are unlimited possibilities in creating fantastic arrangements! The most common criterion is the width of the illuminating surface, therefore according to this criterion and your needs you can choose from the following profiles:

  •     the narrowest Kozma profile only 13mm wide for 1 led strip
  •     narrow Kozel and Larko in S version and Lokom, Lipod and Lesto - lighting width 22mm for 1 or 2 LED strips
  •     wider Kozel and Larko profiles in the L - 45mm version - from 1 to 4 LED strips
  •     wide Sekodu profile - 70mm wide lighting - up to 4 LED strips

The selected profile needs to be supplemented with additional elements, but the most important of them is the LED strip, commonly known as the LED strip. The final effect will depend not only on the color of the light, but also on the tape used. To get the right effect, use a dense LED strip (preferably 120 or 160 diodes per meter) which gives us 600 or 800 points per 5 meter. At this density, the effect of an evenly shining light line along the entire length is guaranteed. The number of stripes that we want to install in the profile should also be taken into account, taking into account the fact that the cover reduces the amount of nominal light by a minimum of 20%. If you are looking for your LED strips, it is worth seeing our offer of LED strips and strips

Create unique spaces

Thanks to built-in profiles, you can transform any interior and give it an original look. It is an effective and at the same time a very functional way to illuminate the space in any interior - from living rooms and bedrooms, through kitchens and bathrooms, and ending in corridors or staircases. You can match them to many arrangements, including modern, Scandinavian, industrial or glamor. The even distribution of light causes the interior to take on an extremely cozy atmosphere. The selected light color is also important in the case of linear LED lighting, it calms or stimulates action. Built-in profiles are also great as architectural lighting, which highlights the details of the building, e.g. ceilings, bends, recesses. The LED lighting used in the profiles can have different colors and light intensities, enabling the creation of various lighting compositions in the interior. You can also easily replace LED lighting in the event of a breakdown or when you decide on e.g. renovation.
Mounting methods for LED profiles

Installation can take place both ceiling and wall. While the ceiling profiles are mounted in G-K panels, the wall profiles can also be mounted in other material by grooving the holes in the walls. The sale also includes special floor profiles with high tightness. It is a specially designed profile that will withstand loads, cleaning, washing, etc. Thanks to this, you can create eye-catching lines that stretch across entire rooms in different planes.

Mounting profile for built-in profiles:

  •     with the use of glue - Kozel, Kozma profiles
  •     using latches - Lipod and Lokom profiles plugged into the Teknik profile
  •     using springs - Lesto, Larko and Sekodu profiles

Built-in profiles are therefore a stylish and functional way to illuminate the interior - they give unlimited arrangement possibilities! See sample solutions and leave a comment if you have or do you like this form of lighting!

Recessed led profiles

Led profiles in the kitchen

Modern recessed led profile

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Big, recessed profile for led strip

aluminium led profiles for led strips

Led profiles by Klus company

Recessed led profiles in bathroom and kitchen


    • Avatar
      Oct 27, 2019

      Ile kosztuje kompletne oswietlenie tego typu?

      • Avatar
        Salon LED sp. z o.o.
        Oct 28, 2019

        Cena uzależniona jest od kilku rzeczy: konkretnego profilu, sposobu montażu, gdyż mogą dojść koszty sprężyn, zatrzasków, profilu bazowego. Do kompletu potrzebne nam jeszcze taśmy LED, cena uzalezniona będzie od rodzaju, a także ilości pasków jakie chcemy zamontować w profilu, w zależności od modelu jest to od 1 do 4 pasków. Ostatnim elementem są zasilacze, ich cena zależna jest od mocy. Ciężko jednoznacznie odpowiedzieć ile taki komplet kosztuje, jest to uzależnione od kilku indywidualnych parametrów, dlatego najlepiej kontaktować się na email lub telefonicznie w sprawie wycen z podaniem odpowiednich informacji

    • Avatar
      Oct 28, 2019

      Co w przypadku zepsucia sie takiego oświetlenia, jest możliwość wymiany lub naprawy?

      • Avatar
        Salon LED sp. z o.o.
        Oct 29, 2019

        W profile są wklejane paski/taśmy LED zamknięte mleczną przesłoną. W przypadku uszkodzenia, spalenia należy zdjąć przesłonę, odlutować uszkodzona tasmę i wymienić ją na nową

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