How to choose an illuminated LED mirror for the bathroom?

How to choose an illuminated LED mirror for the bathroom?

Lighting the mirror in the bathroom can be problematic. However, you can opt for an alternative solution - these are illuminated mirrors and LED mirrors that have built-in LEDs for perfect face lighting!

The bathroom mirror should be illuminated to facilitate everyday hygiene. When arranging the bathroom, it is worth paying special attention to the appropriate lighting of this equipment. The role of a well-lit mirror is appreciated not only by women when applying makeup, but also by men during shaving. Everyday use of the bathroom becomes much easier, and LED light is perfect for illuminating this room, which often does not have access to daylight.

We have at our disposal a wide range of bathroom lighting models - ceiling lamps, including plafonds, wall lamps - sconces or modern LED lighting in the form of eyelets and light strips. However, we have another option - LED mirrors, which are a functional 2-in-1 product! Thanks to this choice, designing perfectly matched lighting should not be a problem.

Illuminated mirrors - excellent lighting quality!

The light should fall on the mirror from the right angle and distance. Therefore, not every interior can have an optimal mirror lighting effect. In this case, you should think about buying an illuminated mirror. Choosing a mirror itself can be difficult, mainly due to the fact that there is a huge selection of models on the market with different shapes and finishes. A large bathroom mirror is usually mounted above the sink, smaller mirrors used most often by ladies for makeup, can be located almost anywhere. Large illuminated mirrors for wall mounting are now very popular. Among smaller models, those with magnification are perfect. They can be used as portable mirrors or attached to the wall with an easy-to-adjust arm. The LED mirrors in the casing allow for bright illumination of the face and even the whole figure - without unsightly and disturbing shadows. Mirrors have been used for many years by professional make-up artists and make-up artists, but for several years they have been a hit in home bathrooms.

Backlight with LEDs - energy-saving and durable

When choosing LED mirrors, we do not have to worry that the LEDs installed in them will be damaged quickly. Modern LEDs can work for several thousand or even tens of thousands of hours, thanks to which the mirrors finished with them can be used in the bathroom for many years! LEDs can be placed on all sides of the mirror, at its upper edge or only on the sides. Choosing a bathroom mirror is not easy. The huge number of models available on the market, in various shapes and designs will make you match them to both modern and classic bathrooms. LEDs are energy-saving, which is why the use of a LED mirror is not associated with high electricity bills.

LED mirror - not only for the bathroom

The most frequently illuminated LED mirrors are chosen for bathrooms, but it is worth pointing out that this type of equipment can also be used in other interiors. LED mirror can be used in a dressing table in the bedroom or in the wardrobe - it will help in the selection of sterilization and make-up and make-up. Also such mirrors are readily chosen for corridors - large ones allow lighting of the whole figure. The mirror using LED technology is perfect for other facilities - they are recommended, among others, to hair salons, beauty salons, aesthetic medicine and SPA salons, they also work well in changing rooms in boutiques and in luxury hotels.

How to choose the best LED mirror?

On sale you can find many different types of mirrors illuminated using LED technology. What is worth paying attention to when choosing them? First of all, we need to decide on the type of mirror - we can choose a large LED mirror or a smaller, portable mirror or wall mounted on an adjustable arm or with a movable head. Then it is worth paying attention to the technical parameters of the mirror so that this type of equipment perfectly meets our requirements.

Technical parameters of LED mirrors:

  •     type of mirror - ordinary, magnifying
  •     type of LEDs - the optimal choice for SMD5050 LEDs that shine brighter than standard 3528 LEDs
  •     power consumption - determines the power demand for lighting, given in watts
  •     power supply and its connection - electric cube, cable with switch, cable with plug and switch
  •     mirror thickness and required distance from the wall
  •     light colors - cold, neutral, warm, RGB, modern models allow you to choose the color temperature of the light
  •     mirror tightness class - matched to the mounting location, IP44 mirrors are recommended for the bathroom

It is therefore worth getting acquainted with various types of illuminated mirrors to find the model that works best in your bathroom!

Order LED mirrors and mirrors in our LED Salon online store!

Do you want to buy an illuminated mirror or a smaller LED mirror for your bathroom? In our online store Salon LED we have prepared for clients a wide range of high quality equipment of this kind!

We work with the best lighting brands, including LED backlit mirrors - Spotline, Paulmann, SoLED and others. A wide selection of different types of models means that each of our customers can choose for themselves LED mirrors that will be able to fully meet its requirements. We offer large illuminated mirrors designed for installation above the bathroom sink, but our range also includes smaller LED mirrors that are great for makeup, care, shaving beard or beard styling.

Do you want to learn more about the LED mirrors in our range? Contact us now - our employees will be able to answer all your questions comprehensively. We cordially invite you to place an order for mirrors and LED mirrors included in the offer of our online store!

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