The most popular rail spotlights - what to choose for rail lighting?

The most popular rail spotlights - what to choose for rail lighting?

Track lighting works great in many interiors - at home, in the apartment, but also in the office or in the store. Which rail headlights are currently the most popular among buyers? We have prepared for you a guide containing the most popular manufacturers and proven models of products for the rail system. We invite you to read!

Rail lighting systems are currently very popular among individual customers, companies and organizations. This type of lighting installations are used to make any arrangement using recessed, suspended or surface-mounted busbars, to which spotlights are then mounted.

Thanks to this, rail systems give a variety of possibilities in interior lighting - you can match them to any style and freely distribute lamps on them to get the best results. The rail system allows a huge individuality in creating lighting for any room. Another aspect that causes the lighting on the rail to be increasingly chosen is the ability to re-arrange the interior without having to do repairs.
Rail spotlights - what to choose?

Currently on sale you can find various types of lamps for rail lighting. The most popular are practical headlights that allow you to change the direction of the beam of light. This type of equipment is currently found in the assortment of many companies, including Aqform (AQUAForm), Spotline, BPM Lighting, Cleoni and Astro. Various models available allow individual adaptation of the headlights to the interior. If you also want to decide on creating a rail lighting system in your home, check now which headlights are the most popular among customers!
Modern interior spotlights

Modern style in interiors is currently very popular. If we want to arrange this type of arrangement, let's not forget about choosing the right lighting. The rail reflector is available in many color variants, however, black and white are the most common ones. Rail systems will also hit the spot!

Interesting models can also be found in the assortment of the Polish lamp manufacturer AQFORM. No. 1 among all lamps on the rails is AQFORM PET 230V Track 12548 is a reflector available in as many as 9 different colors to choose from, so you can match it to many interiors.

PET 230V Phase-Control track czarny mat 12548-0000-U8-PH-02AQFORM PET 230V Phase-Control track biały mat	12548-0000-U8-PH-03

AQUAFORM TUBA 111 TRACK 230V 16243 lamps with the option of rotating around their axis and adjusting the ring in one plane can also boast a wide range of colors, including red.

For simple, yet elegant interiors, Spotline EURO SPOT GU10 153850, 153851, 153854 or Spotline BIMA 1 152240, 152241, 152242 spotlights are perfectly suited for their uncomplicated tube-shaped design. Supporters of minimalism will also certainly like the Track Light B1A headlamps, which have a slightly widened luminaire.

If we want to get even more light, a great idea will be double spotlights for SPOTLINE BIMA 2 rails 152230, 152231, 152232 - two adjustable spotlights on one arm.

Supporters of original design will surely pay attention to BPM KLIMT TK 20134 LED lamps, which are made of high quality aluminum finished in white or black and with colorful reflectors.

The sale also includes floodlights designed for single-use busbars. Here, customers are eager to opt for spectacular headlights - tubes from ASTRO ASCOLI TRACK SPOT 1286033, 1286052 available in black and white, as well as AUHILON DECKER ZK-801 rail luminaires, which are also offered in universal black and white.
Rail lighting systems - perfect not only for the home!

Modern rail lighting systems are very widely used in home and business conditions. They are great in the living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or kitchenette, to mention just a few places of installation.

In addition, rail lighting with spotlights will also be great in other spaces. It is recommended, among others, for shops and shopping malls, for accommodation and catering facilities - modernly furnished restaurants and cafes, hotel lobby, service outlets or office buildings.

Also such lighting systems are perfect for public interiors. You can see them, among others, in art galleries or museums - the ability to easily adjust the light shaft then allows perfect lighting of works of art and other exhibits. Simple Track LED L2 40W luminaires can be a great choice for these spaces.

Big power 40W LED track light

We offer the best products from reputable manufacturers, including Aqform, Spotline, BPM Lighting, Cleoni and Astro - both 1-phase and 3-phase lighting. You will receive with us everything you need to perform LED rail lighting installation! You can buy stylish rail spotlights that match modern and classic interiors, including hanging spotlights, tub-shaped, in white, black and other colors. Thanks to the use of LED technology they guarantee a great lighting effect in different colors to choose from and help in saving electricity.

If you have additional questions related to our range, we are always available to customers - please contact us to receive answers. We invite you to place an order for LED rail systems and lamps in our offer!


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      Nov 27, 2019

      Uprzejmie prosze o polecenie lampy typu listwa z reflektorami nadajacej sie do lazienki (IP minimum 44)

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      Salon LED sp. z o.o.
      Nov 28, 2019

      Pani Anno, nie ma (przynajmniej w naszej ofercie) reflektorów do szyn z wysoką klasą szczelności IP, ponieważ i tak nie ma szynoprzewodów na rynku o podwyższonym IP, więc sam taki reflektor niczego nie zmienia. Jeśli montaż jest z dala od źródeł wody, a pomieszczenie odpowiednio wysokie to może Pani zamontować dowolną lampę

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