How to display a picture thanks to lighting?

How to display a picture thanks to lighting?

Which decorations are worth highlighting?

Light plays a huge role in interior design. When designing the appearance of the room, you should carefully think about the functions that the lighting installation will perform - thanks to it, the comfort of everyday life can significantly increase or decrease dramatically. The choice of fixtures is always accompanied by the goal that will be set before them, as well as the taste of the person arranging the interior. The arrangement and type of decoration should be accompanied by care for the selection of appropriate light sources - lamps, lamps or wall lamps.

What decor elements are worth highlighting?

Are you wondering what pieces of equipment or decorations should be especially highlighted? Are you wondering what will make your interior more cozy? Think about displaying elements such as:

Photographs - carefully selected photographs showing the moments important for the household and people are increasingly exposed on the walls. Regardless of whether they are presented in the form of a collective frame for several or several smaller photos, or whether they are several separate for slightly larger formats - in each case, their backlight will be beneficial for the interior design.

Paintings and posters - works of art are in themselves a top-class ornament. Paintings give the rooms character regardless of their content or style. Illumination of them makes them visible equally well at any time of the day, and in addition in the evening a unique atmosphere is introduced thanks to the spot light. The same applies to posters, which are often works of art, or have a different value, e.g. sentimental.

Collections of souvenirs - gifts, trophies and other souvenirs accumulated over the years lose their significance when thrown into a corner. After years, the wanderers are thrown out without a trace of guilt. Leaving memories alive is possible when they are properly displayed - if it is not possible to hang them on the walls, e.g. hanging shelves that can illuminate effective sconces will work well.

How to highlight decorations?

Different types of light sources work well when highlighting specific objects and surfaces. The store's offer includes numerous products and inspirations that should be discussed here to simplify the design stage of the installation. Lighting of paintings on the wall can be arranged using:

Wall lamps, which harmonize well with other decorations, are always a great solution. The desired effect is usually obtained by symmetrically spacing (at least) two sconces, located on both sides of the exhibited work. Another option can be wall lamps with adjustable arm - their advantage is the possibility of mounting above the decoration and spot lighting of any place. This type of light sources can also be used for photo frames, carvings on the walls, as well as decorative mirrors.

Gallery or image lamp

An example of a model product is a picture lamp, the use of which is hidden by the name. They come in the form of thin luminaires, usually oblong, placed on the shoulder, thanks to which their purpose is to illuminate paintings and other decorations. Lamps (also called galleries) mounted above the work can shed light evenly over the entire surface, but some of them allow you to modify the lighting direction. It is a popular and effective solution that will allow you to enjoy your favorite works of art again, revitalize family photo archives, or highlight the decorative significance of the poster attached to the wall. Image lighting using galleries is used in galleries, museums as well as private homes. It is an elegant and modern solution that fits into any interior.

Rail lighting

Rail lighting is a modern way of illuminating interiors and key decorations. Special rails are the base to which you can connect any number of lamps, spotlights and other light sources (halogen, LED), and if necessary, later modify their number and type to suit your needs. The length of the rail is not limited, it can be run even along the entire length of the wall - with this solution the entire collection of photos or images hung on it will be highlighted. A correctly adjusted rail can act as an additional lighting for selected decorations, or it can also be the main source of light in a room.


Spotlights are usually a combined system of individual lamps in luminaires located on a longer strip (e.g. straight or broken). Each of them can be turned in a different direction, and thus - illuminate a precisely indicated point. The ability to freely configure the setting makes it a very popular and practical solution, especially useful when displaying images and photos. The angle of mounting the strip can be various - horizontal, vertical, diagonally - thanks to which there are countless combinations and variants of the interior design of the room.

When choosing a lighting style, pay attention to the types of light sources. A modern and energy-saving solution are those based on LED technology, which is characterized by long life (counted in tens of thousands of hours), lower energy consumption (up to 90% less than traditional incandescent bulbs), durability, and also that the final light effect is obtained immediately after switching on. In addition, image lamps can have a useful dimming function that allows you to choose the appropriate power of the light beam and adjust it to your current needs or prevailing mood. You already know how to properly illuminate an image. Give the wall and decorations placed on it a new glow that will emphasize the atmosphere in any interior. We invite you to check the offers for lighting images in our online store. You will not only be surprised by the low price, but also by the huge selection of models.

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