Is it worth choosing garden lamps with a motion sensor

Is it worth choosing garden lamps with a motion sensor

Lamp with motion sensor

Garden lamps have been gaining more and more popularity for several years. Not only hotels or companies choose them, but a growing group of individual clients. We should think about the right lighting of paths, plants, gazebos or driveways at the garden design stage. However, if you already have a garden and you dream about highlighting its most important elements, then it's worth thinking about choosing lamps with motion sensors. The growing ecological awareness of customers, as well as concern for their finances have made this type of lighting dominate in modern gardens. In today's article we will see how such lamps work and what types can be found in online or stationary stores.
How does the lamp with a motion sensor work?

At the beginning it is worth noting that we distinguish several types of lamps with sensors. In each of them motion detection will take place in a different way. However, which one will be precise enough to activate only when we expect it? The offer most often includes models with an infrared sensor. This is definitely one of the cheapest and fairly precise solutions used by manufacturers. The photocell only switches on the light when detecting changes in infrared radiation. We will also find models with photocells based on the use of electromagnetic waves. Such models guarantee perfect precision of their operation. The third type of sensor uses ultrasound.

In addition to the motion sensor itself, the lamps also use dusk sensors. Thanks to them, our lamps do not shine during the day, when it is unnecessary. Lamps with sensors also have several adjustment options to better meet the needs of garden owners. Lighting time, its power and sensitivity of photocells are by far the most popular of them. Especially the issue of sensitivity is important here, we do not want the devices to start up when it is not necessary.

How much does garden lighting cost?

Many people wonder if additional lamps installed in the garden will increase the cost of electricity. If the lighting works only at the time of motion detection, and not all the time, we can talk about low costs. Manufacturers are also increasingly choosing that garden lamps use LED technology, which is characterized by low electricity consumption. Modern LEDs, apart from low power consumption, are characterized by long working time without having to replace them.

Garden solar lamps

The online stores offer also includes a wide range of solar lamps. Thanks to the use of solar panels, they absorb sunlight, turning them into electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. This type of lighting, apart from the device costs, does not generate additional costs, which is why it has become so popular. However, its biggest drawback is the need for access to sunlight. On cloudy and rainy days they cannot charge their batteries. Solar lamps with motion detection that do not shine all night seem to be an excellent choice.

LED floodlights with motion sensor

If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to illuminate a large part of the garden, LED floodlights are perfect for this. This type of lighting mounted on the outside of the house has a large angle of incidence of light. This allows even illumination of e.g. a garage driveway or a selected part of the garden. It is an aesthetic and functional solution used in private gardens, parks, squares or next to company buildings.

What to look for when buying a lamp with a sensor?

Garden lamps tailored to your needs should be functional, but also have the right look. The design of garden lamps means that they are often an additional decoration of the garden or can be an almost imperceptible addition. When choosing the type of lighting, you need to plan its amount and placement. This will create a coherent whole that will make us underline the greatest advantages of a home garden, but also increase the safety of using it after dark.

Outdoor lamps are exposed to external factors such as rain or water. They should therefore have the appropriate IP tightness class. Most often we meet with garden lighting and IP65.

Can we connect to the electrical installation? If we haven't thought about releasing power cables to the stronghold at the design stage, it may be better to opt for solar lamps.


Garden lamps with a motion sensor are a cost-effective and convenient solution that allows you to illuminate the garden, driveway or communication paths. Thanks to the use of LED technology, they are energy-saving, and their design makes them can become an additional decoration of your garden. Properly selected lighting will allow you to enjoy the garden even after dark, especially in the spring and summer.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store! Our employees will help in choosing the right models.

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