Outdoor Wall Lamps. What to choose ? See the LUTEC offer

Outdoor Wall Lamps. What to choose ? See the LUTEC offer

Modern outdoor wall lamps

Currently, outdoor wall lamps have gained popularity. They are an additional source of light around the house, which increases the feeling of security. They can also complement modern architecture, emphasizing its design and at the same time provide access to the necessary lighting. How to choose outdoor wall lights? What to look for? With or without a motion sensor? Here you will find answers to these and many other questions.
Outdoor wall lamps

Outdoor lighting of a modern building can be based on the use of various types of lamps. When they are to be mounted on the walls, for example by the door, on the terrace, along the building, then wall lamps, i.e. wall lamps, are the best choice. In addition, if we choose lamps with a motion sensor, it will turn on the light only when someone moves within it. Such a solution certainly increases the level of security, as well as helps to save a lot of energy.

Outdoor modern LED wall lamps

Wall lamps intended for external installation are distinguished by a special design, which makes them highly resistant to destructive factors, including dust and moisture, which is confirmed by their high IP protection class. Wall lamps of this type can be an interesting complement to the architecture of modern buildings - houses, apartment blocks, offices, company headquarters, hotels and other accommodation facilities, restaurants, shops or service points.

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Wall lamps in a modern style

Thanks to the wall lamps in a modern style, any building can look even more effective after dark. These practical wall lamps can be an attractive addition to a simple, minimalist facade. In addition, they are responsible for comprehensive exterior lighting of the house.

To fit into contemporary arrangements, we offer wall lamps in various designs. Most often they are based on geometric shapes and do not have unnecessary ornaments. They can create a beam of light directed up and down, lighting at the same time upper and lower, and they can give diffused light with decorative properties. They provide effective outdoor lighting, based on 230V power supply and solar solutions.

Types of modern outdoor wall lamps

Outdoor wall lamps have various forms and can be based on different work technologies.

Outdoor wall lights can be divided into three categories:

  • 230V bulbs
  • integrated LED
  • solar wall lights

Wall lamps equipped with 230V bulbs are standard models that require connection to the electrical installation. The choice of places for their installation should be considered at the stage of building a house, in order to bring the electrical installation to them. For this type of lamp, you can install ordinary light bulbs or energy-saving LED bulbs.

Wall lamps can also be equipped with integrated LEDs. In this case, you can get effective lighting of the space, and thanks to the long life of the LEDs, you do not have to worry about the systematic replacement of bulbs with new ones. The LED lamp also requires connection to the electrical installation, but thanks to the small size of the LEDs, you can choose extremely visually attractive lighting, unavailable for standard light sources. Such futuristic lamp proposals will be perfect for modern buildings

The third option is a solar lamp, that is, powered by the light of solar radiation. This type of external wall lamp does not have to be connected to electricity, therefore it gives more freedom in terms of choosing the place of installation, or allows installation even after the completion of the investment, when we "forgot" to prepare the appropriate installation. Solar wall lamps collect solar energy during the day to give it back in the evening as an additional light source. Selected models are also equipped with dusk sensors that automatically turn the wall lamp on and off. Solar wall lamps have built-in LED sources, usually of low power, thanks to which they shine longer at night due to the low energy.

Lutec, Spotline and Astro are among the most frequently chosen manufacturers of outdoor wall lamps. While Spotline and Astro are already recognized brands in the lighting market, Lutec, a member of the Ningbo group, is developing the most dynamically, thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio. All the presented models of lamps are Lutec products and are intended for the whole European market. The selection of modern outdoor wall lamps should be based primarily on the aesthetics of the building on which they are to be installed. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain a uniform, harmonious effect and comprehensive lighting of the house. The most frequently chosen modern outdoor wall lamps are models with a geometric, minimalist shape of cubes, cuboids or cylinders. The Gemini, Urban and Zoe models from Lutec, Quad, Cube or Theo from Spotline, as well as Chios or Dartmouth from Astro deserve attention. Each company also offers traditional-looking outdoor lamps with a style reminiscent of lamps from the last century, which will look good on classic buildings.

The most frequently chosen colors are black, anthracite and gray, which blend in very well with modern buildings with subdued colors. Manufacturers also offer outdoor wall lamps in other colors, including stainless steel, polished chrome or pure white, which are also worth choosing if they match the colors of the building.
Where to install modern outdoor wall lamps?

The wall lamp as a wall lamp is mounted on the facades of residential, commercial and public buildings. Only the right choice of the place and the height at which it will be hanged can obtain the desired lighting, so it is worth considering their arrangement. They are selected, among others, as lamps illuminating the entrance - they can be placed on the sides or above it. They work very well on terraces and balconies to provide pleasant lighting while outside. They are placed next to garages. Also often used as a decorative facade finish, creating an aesthetic line alongside buildings.

The wide mounting options mean that modern wall lamps can be mounted in many places - not only in points with connected electrical installations. An alternative solution is then solar wall lamps that require solar radiation to work. The most popular LED wall lamps are. Their light is bright, which provides adequate lighting for a home or other commercial building.

Exterior lighting of the house after dark is very important. It is worth ensuring that the light reaches even the smallest nooks and crannies. Such treatments will certainly increase safety and make it easier to move around the building. In addition, this type of lighting is aesthetic. However, you must choose the wall lamp well. It should have the right shape and light span. In addition, they must be well placed on the house or other building. Only then will it fulfill its function perfectly. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the models of modern outdoor wall lamps in our range and we wish you a successful shopping!

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