The most popular bathroom recessed luminaires

The most popular bathroom recessed luminaires
Top 10 IP65 Recessed Bathroom Luminaires

Are you looking for a fashionable and functional bathroom recessed bathroom luminaires with IP65 protection? Do you want the lamps you choose to be of the highest quality? Check the list prepared by us, in which you will find out about the best hermetic recessed luminaires. Here you will find interesting ceiling lamp proposals that will provide you with comprehensive lighting. In addition, all models shown below are available in our webshop.
Choice of recessed luminaires

When choosing LED lamps, we must first of all consider what kind of lighting we need. Recessed luminaires can be the main light sources, but are often also installed as an addition to general lighting. Recessed LED lamps can show the way, serve as lighting in the smallest corners or serve as a decorative element. Importantly, such light sources optically reduce the room. However, you need to remember that the recessed LED lamps should be properly composed. Random arrangement of products can result in the wrong type of lighting, too weak or too strong light and poor aesthetics, spoiling the overall impression and appearance of the room.

Bathroom lighting recessed IP65

1. BPM Kohl K50113 IP65 luminaire white, black

It is a minimalist type of recessed ceiling luminaires that are perfect for bathrooms and toilets. Due to the high degree of protection against moisture IP65, they can also be installed directly above the shower. Luminaires with a diameter of 86mm are available in 2 colors - white and black matt, so they can be adapted to many arrangements in a modern and classic style. The luminaire is complemented by a slightly recessed transparent glass that protects the bulb against moisture. Dedicated for mounting in 73 mm holes. They work with LED bulbs and GU10 halogens.

2. ASTRO Kamo 230V IP65 bathroom eyelet

These stylish bathroom eyelets are a proposal dedicated to people who appreciate classics in a modern edition. These are recessed ceiling lights with an IP65 protection class, which are perfect for installation over a bathtub, shower or washbasin. Recessed ASTRO Kamo luminaires are available in 2 classic colors most often used in bathrooms: glossy chrome or white, they have additional protection made of matte white glass, which ensures light diffusion. They work with LED GU10 lighting sources, but by changing the socket from 230V to 12V, they can be used with MR16 GU5.3 bulbs in the 12V version!

3. Luminaire BPM SU Classic round IP65 12V, 230V white, black, alu, gold

This is another classic luminaire proposal that was included in our ranking. Round, recessed ceiling lights with an attractive, matte finish. The high degree of protection IP65 means that they can be installed anywhere, also outdoors. The presented recessed luminaires are offered in four colors - matt black, matt white, gold and brushed aluminum. Thanks to this, you can adjust the lighting to any bathroom arrangement. The eyelets work with LED bulbs or halogen GU10 (230V) and MR16 (12V) depending on the selected version.

4. Luminaire BPM SU Classic 4206, 5206 12V, 230V square IP65 white, black, brushed aluminum, gold

These are recessed luminaires from the same collection as described above, but they differ in shape - they have a square format. Luminaires are also offered in the above 4 colors: matt white, matt black, gold, brushed alu and can be used with LED or halogen bulbs. Spanish BPM Su Classic luminaires are among the most frequently chosen luminaires by retail customers.

5. Astro MINIMA ROUND FIXED IP65 white, black luminaire

Recessed luminaires with a minimalist design - round, recessed and made of the highest quality metal resistant to corrosion. The use of high-class protection against external factors dedicates them to installation in the bathroom in all zones. The hermetic MINIMA ROUND FIXED luminaire is a product of the British company Astro Lighting and is offered in black and white colors, designed to work with GU10 LED bulbs. The luminaire is also adapted to dimmers, requires the use of a dimmable bulb

6. Recessed luminaire Spotline Kamuela ECO IP65 3000K, 4000K

These elegant IP65 recessed luminaires are equipped with integrated 6.5W LEDs, so they do not require systematic replacement of bulbs. Lamps with a diameter of 9 cm, have a built-in LED power supply and can be dimmed. They are distinguished not only by waterproof, but also fireproof construction up to 90 minutes. They are made of high quality aluminum and finished with a glass pane, which guarantees the highest quality lighting. Luminaires are available in two universal colors, i.e. in white and black. In addition, you can choose from two light colors - warm 3000K and natural 4000K, which allows you to adjust the lighting to any bathroom!

7. Kohl Lacus K53300 LED recessed luminaire

An elegant, round luminaire or a square downlight with a modern design, consisting of a large mesh with a frame. Made of aluminum and plastic, it provides effective protection in the IP44 class against external factors. It has built-in LEDs, available in a warm or natural light color. Available in three strengths to choose from and in three different diameters. The set includes a power supply. Offered in two colors - black and white.

8. Recessed luminaire Paulmann Nova LED IP65 1x7W tiltable

Recessed luminaires Nova by the German brand Paulmann dedicated to customers looking for tiltable luminaires. They are equipped with a movable eyelet, which allows you to easily change the direction of light and direct it to selected places. The lamp meets the requirements of the IP65 standard, therefore, like other models in our ranking, it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom to enjoy light without restrictions. The luminaire is offered in one color - white combined with a chrome ring. Designed for use with GU10 LED bulbs. The set includes a light bulb with a warm color of 2700K.

9. Luminaire BPM SU MAS IP65 12V, 230V white, brushed alu

It is a series of large ceiling luminaires with dimensions of 15 cm x 15 cm or a diameter of 15 cm, which are offered in white matt or brushed aluminum. Dedicated as ceiling lighting for bathrooms due to its high resistance to moisture and water in the IP65 tightness class. It has the classic appearance of a round or square mesh and looks great in suspended ceilings in larger rooms where airtight fittings are required. These recessed luminaires are designed to work with AR111 (12V) light sources or ES111 (230V) bulbs, including LED light sources.

10. Luminaire BPM OTIS 3234 IP65 LED 10W white, black

A single, elegant ceiling luminaire in white or matt black with IP65 protection class. High 10W power is perfect for all customers who like or require brightly lit bathrooms. A slightly recessed COB LED diode, a modern reflector and transparent glass make it perfect for many arrangements. The lamp is available in 3 light colors, LED life up to 50,000 hours, which allows for several years of bathroom lighting.

The light source is one of the most important elements in the room, so it is worth ensuring that the ceiling lamps are as good as possible, especially if they have integrated LED sources. You have to adjust the type and intensity of lighting to our needs. In addition, it is worth ensuring that the lamps match the interior properly. We distribute hermetic recessed luminaires of many Polish and European companies in various types, shapes, colors, powers, etc. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer, which includes many more suggestions and choosing the highest quality lamps for the bathroom!

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