Modern illuminated bathroom mirrors with the function of changing the light color

Modern illuminated bathroom mirrors with the function of changing the light color

Bathroom mirrors

LED illuminated mirrors are solutions known for many years on the market and widely used by us. Undoubtedly, they have been successful and have become an element of equipment in many bathrooms and dressing tables, a significant part of customers cannot imagine their own bathroom without such a solution. It is an elegant decoration and a great help in beauty treatments, makeup or shaving, illuminating the face. However, the most popular and cheapest solutions are not always the best, because they do not have many practical solutions that LED technology already offers.

Four modern functions in illuminated mirrors

According to the manufacturers and companies from the lighting industry, the next years will be dominated by solutions that allow you to change the color depending on the time of day, functions and user preferences. It is especially useful in the bathroom, where the cold light in the morning will stimulate us to act and quickly enter the rhythm of the day, neutral light 4000K will be perfect for applying makeup without distorting the colors, and warm light will be the best idea for an evening relaxing bath after a long day.

This is just one of several practical solutions offered by the German lighting manufacturer Paulmann in its new mirrors. Mirra mirrors, because this entry is dedicated to them, are available as round mirrors with a diameter of 60 cm, vertical mirrors with dimensions of 60 cm x 80 cm or horizontal mirrors with dimensions of 80 cm x 60 cm. Another very important argument for choosing this mirror is the Antifog function, which prevents the glass from fogging up. We all know the feeling when our mirror is unusable after a shower or bath without wiping it down. That is why the new series has a switch built into the mirror to eliminate this effect. Even if we forget to turn off the heating ourselves, 30 minutes after starting it, it will turn off automatically.

Another user-friendly solution is the function of dimming / brightening the light emitted by the mirror. This is done using the same switch as the on / off switch and is done by holding the ON / OFF button for a longer time. Paulmann mirrors offer step-by-step dimming, i.e. they shine with the power of 100%, 50% or 10% of the real light beam, which allows you to create discreet lighting in the bathroom. The entire control and setting of functions is carried out using perfect touch switches built into the glass pane, all 3 variants of mirrors have such solutions.

LED cosmetic mirror with x3 magnification

The Paulmann Jora cosmetic mirror is a bit poorer, but it also has a different function and most often complements a large mirror. Installed in the bathroom, bedroom or by the dressing table, thanks to the adjustable arm, it can be unfolded and then folded on the wall. The magnification function makes it easier to perform the beauty treatment, and the backlight allows you to be more precise. Thanks to the touch switch on the mounting base, you can change the color of the light between warm white, natural white and cold white. The Jora mirror does not have the function of heating the glass pane, or dimming, because they are not needed for such cosmetic applications.

Taking into account all the possibilities offered by the new bathroom mirrors, they seem to be the first choice in furnishing a bathroom, regardless of whether it is a house, apartment or hotel room. The multitude of practical solutions will allow everyone to enjoy the purchase for many years of use, even after changing the color or renovating the bathroom.


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      Oct 14, 2020

      Jednym z głównych atutów oświetlenia LED jest energooszczędność. Straty powstałe podczas przetwarzania prądu w światło są bardzo niewielkie, dzięki czemu udaje się zużyć do 90% mniej energii przy zachowaniu pełnej intensywności świecenia.

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