Surface mounted bathroom luminaires IP44, IP65 - proposals 2021

Surface mounted bathroom luminaires IP44, IP65 - proposals 2021

The most popular waterproof surface-mounted luminaires for bathrooms, IP44, IP65

If you arrange or renovate a bathroom and are looking for surface-mounted ceiling luminaires with a high degree of protection IP44 or IP65, you should be interested in the following list, in which you will find out about the best hermetic surface-mounted luminaires. Here you will find interesting offers of lamps mounted on the ceiling with different prices, both in the version with LED bulbs and with integrated light sources that will provide you with comprehensive lighting in the bathroom. All the models presented below are available in our online store. When choosing ceiling luminaires, we must first of all consider what kind of lighting we need. Surface-mounted luminaires can be the main light source or have a decorative function, illuminating a selected fragment. First of all, remember that the number of luminaires should be properly selected for the size of the bathroom. Their random arrangement may result in poor lighting, too dim or overexposed room, and poor aesthetics, spoiling the overall impression and appearance of the bathroom.

What's the difference between IP44 and IP65?

IP44 tightness class - characteristics

  • protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1 mm and more
  • protection against splashing water from any direction

IP65 tightness class - characteristics

  • dustproof protection
  • protection against water jets (12.5 l / min) poured on the housing from any side

It is easy to notice that the higher the tightness class, the more and better the luminaire protects the light source. Both versions, however, are suitable for use in wet areas, in the shower and above the bath, but it is worth using luminaires in the IP65 or (X5) class

IP65 waterproof luminaire - round or square? Which one to choose?

Simply put, it's a matter of taste or design. The choice of hermetic tubes is slightly greater than that of cubes, although the latter are also available in several models. The dominant colors are white and black, but there are also luminaires in other colors, such as chrome, gold, gray or copper, as well as brass or concrete. Therefore, it is very easy to match the color of the lamp to a specific interior.

Which hermetic lamp model to choose for the bathroom?

At the moment, the manufacturers' offers can be divided into 2 types: replaceable bulbs and with an integrated LED light source built into the luminaire. The former are cheaper and require the purchase of a suitable LED bulb. The light color and lamp power will depend on the specific light source that will be installed in the luminaire, if you want to change it, just replace the bulb. The latter with a built-in diode are very durable, their service life reaches up to 50,000 hours, but the power, light color and lighting angle depend on the manufacturer's offer and it is not possible to change them. Both variants have their supporters and opponents, the manufacturers' offer is aimed at integrated lamps, we present below both solutions, so that you can make a decision yourself

1. OXYLED CROSTI LUCE IP65 - slim, narrow tube 6cm in diameter and 10.5cm high; 230V power supply for replaceable GU10 bulbs. Hermetic lamp with a high degree of protection IP65, so it can be installed in any zone in the bathroom and outdoors. The housing is made of aluminum, plastic and transparent glass.

2. KOBI AQUARIUS SURFACE LUMINAIRE IP44 230V - 9.5cm high round (8cm diameter) or square (8cm x 8cm) ceiling lamp 230V with IP44 tightness class, which allows installation in bathrooms and other places with high humidity. Suitable for GU10 LED bulbs, made of aluminum in 3 colors: gloss white, brushed black or brushed aluminum. Like other luminaires of this type, it is not adjustable, and the cover protecting the bulb is made of frosted glass.

3. ELKIM LEJA 183L and LEJA 183 XL - an elegant form of a cylinder, version with an integrated LED source and IP65 tightness class. Available in 2 options of power and tube size, equipped with a 5W or 12W COB LED, it is available in 2 light colors: warm white 3000K or natural white 4000K. The lamp is made of aluminum painted in white or black, elegant reflector, beam angle 38 °, perfect for use in bathrooms and outdoors.

4. Astro Kos ROUND IP65 - one of the most popular fittings of this type on the market. Available in 5 different colors to choose from: white, black, painted silver, chrome and antique brass, small sizes: diameter 8.5 cm and height 8.5 cm. The light source is a GU10 LED bulb with a maximum power of 6W, slightly recessed into the luminaire to reduce the glare effect. The lamp has a high degree of protection IP65 (brass color, exceptionally IP44), it can be used in any zone in the bathroom and outdoors! A solid structure and transparent glass that protects the bulb against a stream of water, it will work well in all conditions!

5. OXYLED BASARO IP65 12.6 cm high, but slender waterproof LED lamp with high power of 8.9 W - available in the form of a cylinder or a cube. Made of aluminum, finished in 2 colors: white or black with a built-in high-quality LED BRIDGELUX module with a warm white light color 3000K and a stream of 946lm. The luminaire can be used for general lighting in all wet areas, and the 2 always fashionable colors make it suitable for any bathroom.

6. SPOTLINE ROX CEILING 1000332 large ceiling luminaire in brushed aluminum color and IP44 tightness class for indoor and outdoor installation. Lamp in the shape of a cylinder with a diameter and height of 12.5 cm, made of aluminum and transparent glass. The lamp not only for the bathroom, but also for any interior: living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or office, it will be perfect as lighting in passageways, as well as outside as lighting for entrances, terraces, roofs, etc. The manufacturer recommends the use of light bulbs LED ES111.

7. ASTRO KOS SQUARE square ceiling lamp mounted in bathrooms and toilets. A minimalist, geometric form of a classic cube with dimensions of 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm, finished in 5 colors: black, white, chrome, gray and new antique brass. The light source can only be GU10 LED bulbs with a maximum power of 6W. The high level of protection IP65 (brass color IP44) allows the luminaire to be safely used in any zone in bathrooms, it is suitable for the shower, bathtub, washbasin, and also outdoors.

8. AQFORM ONLY round mini LED 230V hermetic surface-mounted 40438, 40422 lamp of the Polish company AQFORM in the form of a modern LED tube with a height of 6 cm or 10 cm. It is made of aluminum painted in 1 of 5 colors to choose from: white, black, gray, gold or copper. It has a built-in LED light source with a power dependent on the height of 6cm-6W or 10cm-8W and offers 3 light colors to choose from: warm white 2700K or 3000K or neutral white 4000K. Thanks to the high degree of protection IP65, this luminaire is perfect for any wet room, including the shower. An additional advantage of the lamp is the possibility of dimming in the Phase-Control system.

9. AQFORM PET LED 230V hermetic surface 40420 IP65 LED ceiling tube 12cm high and 6cm in diameter and 8W power. Made of aluminum painted in 8 colors, from the colors offered by the manufacturer. The PET LED lamp is waterproof, has an integrated light source with 3 colors to choose from: warm white 2700K or 3000K and natural white 4000K. The lamp is phase-control dimmable, it can be used for general lighting of the bathroom, as well as places such as shower, bathtub, etc.

10. Aqform Only Round 6 LED 230V hermetic surface 40017 low, only 6cm, but with a large diameter of 14cm hermetic IP65 LED luminaire from the Polish company Aqform. Like all products, it is made of painted aluminum, available in 5 colors, shines down, giving a strong, diffused light in 3 colors to choose from: warm white (2700K or 3000K) and natural white 4000K. As a light source, a dimmable Phase-Control LED module with a power of 8W or 12W was used. The elegant and modern design and the IP65 resistance class make this waterproof LED ceiling luminaire ideally suited both as bathroom lighting, including in the shower, as well as outdoor lighting.

The solutions presented in this article are the most frequently chosen lamps if you want to have surface-mounted ceiling luminaires with a high IP tightness class. Watertight tubes are just one of the ideas for lighting the bathroom, recessed luminaires are equally popular, and maybe even more, but a suspended ceiling is a condition for having them. The third idea is to install a plafond, i.e. a larger, most often centrally placed lamp, whose task is to illuminate the entire room with one point. All these solutions, including bathroom wall lights, without which it is difficult to imagine a well-lit mirror in the bathroom, can be found in the LED bathroom lighting.

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