Pendant lamps shining up/down - a new trend in lighting?

Pendant lamps shining up/down - a new trend in lighting?

Long LED pendant lamps have been one of the basic solutions in lighting for many years. Changes in the regulations introduced in the EU also forced lighting manufacturers to change and abandon the use of traditional, low-cost fluorescent lamps. Their place was taken by solutions based on LED modules or strips, which are much more efficient, durable and do not lose light in the lamp housing thanks to their design. LED modules provide illumination in 1 direction, which means that the light is directed towards the destination, and their color rendering CRI is 90-97. Fluorescent lamps shone with their entire surface, i.e. 360 degrees, and thus also deep into the luminaire, which meant that the efficiency of such a lamp was even 50% less than the nominal luminous flux.

In addition, they heated up strongly and had a low color rendering index, usually below CRI80, and did not reflect the natural color well. However, these are not the only differences, the other, equally important, is the length and shape of the lamp. Fluorescent versions were limited to the length of fluorescent lamps, in the case of longer sections, built-in electronic ballasts interrupted the light continuity. Hanging LED lamps based on LED modules not only allow you to maintain a uniform line of light along the entire length of the lamp, you can also make any forms that will shine in full. As LEDs only shine in 1 direction, the new idea of ​​lamp manufacturers is hanging lighting in the up / down lighting system, more often called up / down or up & down. The appropriate design of the aluminum profile from which the lamp is made allows the installation of LED modules and light diffusing shutters in such a way as to ensure simultaneous illumination in 2 directions, modules for downward lighting and separately for upward lighting are mounted separately. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of direct and indirect light.

This form of illumination with indirect light, reflected from the ceiling surface, is becoming an increasingly popular method, often used also in spaces above 3m and in offices requiring a certain intensity of lighting while maintaining a minimum level of glare. The main advantage of such lamps is a very soft and diffused light in the room and the effect of a much larger amount of general light and thus brightness than in the case of the versions shining only downwards. In addition, this form also requires a smaller number of luminaires to achieve the appropriate number of lux, thus saving money. In addition, the light reflected from the bright ceiling diffuses throughout the interior and gives the impression of being much better illuminated. Due to their longitudinal structures, such lamps will work well over tables, desks, countertops or islands, especially in places such as an office, workplace, living room or kitchen.

Up&down LED pendant lamp - which model to choose?

The solutions described above mean that most hanging lamps with the option of lighting up and down are similar to each other. They may differ in the size of the profile used, color, length of the luminaire as well as the power and light color of the installed LEDs. Most of them are made according to the parameters that we decide when placing the order, so it's easy to create a lamp according to your own idea.

1. SLV AROSA 100194 PD - is a ready lamp with a length of 125cm or 200cm, available in 3 colors: black, white or aluminum. It comes only with a warm white light color of 3000K and can be dimmed in the trailing edge option. As a finished product, in the version factory-prepared by the manufacturer, it cannot interfere with its parameters, it is not possible to change the color or color of the light.

2. Aqform SET TRU up & down LED suspended - a lamp of the Polish company Aqform, suspended on 4 lines with an additional power cable. Available in 6 lengths, from 57cm to 198cm in 1 section, in 3 different light color temperatures, ie: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K, and in 7 different colors: white or black matte, white or black gloss, gray, gold or copper. All this makes it much easier to configure the lamp to suit your needs and interior design than in the case of ready-made products. What's more, because the production of lamps takes place in Poland, and the company has great technical capabilities, it is also possible to implement non-standard projects and orders. An example of lighting a conference room and square lamps shining in 2 directions, while maintaining a 5-year warranty for your LED lamp.

Pendant square led lamp up $ down

3. Elkim Lupinus / Z SQ LED up / down - it is also a product of a Polish lighting company, it is distinguished by a maximum length of 291 cm in 1 section without joints along the entire length, generally 9 different sizes are available, from 60 cm up, with gradation every 29 cm. Available in 3 colors: white, black or anodized aluminum and in 2 light colors: warm white 3000K or natural white 4000K. The lamp can be made in both non-dimmable and dimmable versions in the Switchdimm, Dali or Casambi system (using a smartphone). The profile used allows to make any length of the lamp in 2 versions, i.e. in a weaker or stronger version, to even easier adjust the amount of light to the expectations of the end user.

4. BPM Hache 10215 - this is the shortest possible to obtain (from 28.4 cm) and the most colorful (as many as 11 colors of the finish) lamp of the Spanish company BPM. Narrow profile (43mm) and milky covers along the entire length of the lamp evenly distribute the light in both directions. Two light colors to choose from and the possibility of making lamps in dimmable versions should convince people looking for lamps in other than standard colors, no other manufacturer offers lamps in pink, blue, green, red or orange ...

5. Oxyled PARI - this is another proposal with a structure similar to the above-mentioned lamps, ie with 2 milky shutters, but characterized by the narrowest profile, amounting to only 24mm. Available in 2 colors: white or black, in 2 light colors 3000K or 4000K and 2 lengths: 117.6cm or 146.6cm. The narrow, high profile will look great in any space.

6. Oxyled Bosco - is an exceptionally interesting proposition for modern interiors. It is a combination of 2 forms of lighting: a line of light hidden behind a milky shutter and effective, black reflectors with LED diodes placed on the sides of the lamp. This form of combining various solutions in one lamp is a fashionable trend and is very popular among customers, it breaks the scheme of classic, simple solutions in the form of linear lighting and adds an elegant character to the lamp. The uniqueness of the lamp is emphasized by a slender, narrow body (only 2.4 cm) and its length of 117.6 cm. The lamp is available in 2 colors: white or black and in 2 light colors: warm white 3000K or natural white 4000K. It will be perfect both in apartments, houses, but also in offices, hotels and commercial spaces.

7. Oxyled Monti - it is also a combination of 2 different forms of lighting, where the line of light shines only upwards providing soft, diffused light thanks to the milky diffuser, and modularly arranged lenses with black reflectors and LED diodes shine downwards. Thanks to this design, the light of the lamp does not offend us and illuminates the place well, especially under the body, at the same time providing indirect light around. Lamp with a length of 117.6 cm, available in 2 colors: white or black, with 2 light colors: warm white 3000K or natural white 4000K, ideal for work, as well as a lamp over islands, tables, countertops or desks

We hope that the presented solutions aroused your interest and will be taken into account in the process of interior lighting, both home, office and commercial. Modernly finished interiors require modern solutions, which are guaranteed by constantly developing LED technology. If you want to buy other pendant lamps, see the rest of the range in our store.

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