Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center 2

Fibaro Home Center 2

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Fibaro Home Center 2  is a brain Fibaro Managing System in your home. Nicely made ​​of solid aluminum control unit is not only robust, but also pleasing to the eye. It has a very powerful processor that rapidly converts the messages transmitted between the actuators Fibaro System, which will notice and appreciate impatient users. Each control unit HC2 is equipped with its own drive RECOVERY, which kept a copy of the security of the system. On the one hand, it closes all access to the system for unauthorized persons. On the other - allows, at any time, to restore the saved settings in case of system failure, without the need for the service. Significantly increased resources fast CPU + memory = fast action Fibaro system in your home. In addition to the increased operating speed, increased memory resources allow us to develop a control interface, and add functionality System, whose effect has not been possible. HC2 gives new possibilities for controlling devices thanks to the connections between devices. Relationship allow connecting several devices responsible for the control of the same functionality. This provides two benefits. First, trivial, is to reduce the number of devices visible in your profile - by linking several devices are seen as one icon which increases the transparency of the interface when the house is assembled dozens of devices. The second benefit is to facilitate control, eg. Heating - if your area is responsible for heating control 10 devices, we do not control the operation of each of them separately. Steer them as a single unit and the rest is doing for us Home Center 2. By connecting to the Internet, we can manage our home using a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. With HC 2, we are able to effectively take care of our safety and comfort, and even reduce expenses associated with maintaining the house. FIBARO system will tell you, for example, the threat of a fire, flooding, burglary and escape of gas. What's more, he disconnects the water or gas when gas or hydraulic system proves to be defective. Isolated will also weathering apartment. Detecting an intrusion attempt, an alarm, call protection and provide a preview of cameras mounted directly to mobile devices. Built-in power management on the other hand will allow us to monitor actual power consumption, check the history of energy intake or control those devices that consume the most. The system also enables remote control of the home heating system. With it you can, for example, start the heat and set your preferred temperature while still at work. Also, Building Intelligence convenience. Thanks to integrate, for example, home multimedia and will be controlled from within the application FIBARO. Also effortlessly take care of the lawn in our garden, with automatic adjustment of garden watering, which adapts to the current weather conditions. Management of individual appliances do not exhaust the possibilities of the system. With individually designed control unit HC Lite scenes alone take certain actions tailored to predetermined conditions. When it detects, for example, our absence from home, turn off unnecessary power consumer devices, and an alarm will be simulated presence to deter potential thieves. Thanks to the geolocation feature will calculate a route to return from work, adjust the temperature level and even prepare our favorite bath. Thanks to FIBARO not only can control appliances and household appliances, but also lighting, temperature level, blinds, awnings, gates and furtkami, alarm and monitoring system. System is managed via computer or phone. It can also be controlled by voice using a special application LiLi. Specific actions are automatically triggered by the system based on the information collected by sensors and GPS. Due to the fact that it is a wireless solution, the installation of the system is completely non-invasive.

Fibaro Home Center 2
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