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FIBARO Motion Sensor is a wireless motion sensor. In its creation, the designers were inspired cat eye pupil: the speed, sensitivity and range of vision have been mapped and placed in a small inconspicuous device that meets up to four useful functions: detects even the slightest movement, provide information about the temperature, the intensity of light, as well as informs about changing their location of, so that each attempt to change the settings undesirable ends alarm. FIBARO Motion Sensor, integrated with the ECU building intelligence system will "know" whether someone is at home, as will readily recognize the movement in the room. Parents being at work, so they can take care of the safety of their children or seniors who remained on the property. In what way? When the sensor has registered that tenants are staying in an apartment and do not detect any movement, it shall inform through an application installed on your smartphone. This allows you to see if older people does not threaten any danger. The situation is similar with the youngest members of the household. The device monitors the room in which the most frequently used. If we are notified that the children instead of learning in his room, spend time in the living room watching TV, we can in a very simple way to remotely power off.Motion Sensor FIBARO cares about the safety of not only the family but also the building itself. You only need to create the appropriate scenes where multiple devices configured to work with each other. - When the sensor detects no movement, and receives information from the system, the inside is light on integrated iron, inactive alarm, send the information to the control panel, which disables all unnecessary appliances and arm the alarm, to secure the property. So leaving the house in a hurry, you do not have to worry about whether everything we turned off. What's more, thanks to sabotage any attempt to shift the field of view of the sensor or change its position will activate the alarm and effectively scare potential burglars. Moreover, thanks to this feature the sensor is able to detect shocks imperceptible to humans, such as earth or building vibration. Communicate this information to the control panel, so that we can in time to protect yourself from danger. FIBARO Motion Sensor is not only safety, but also convenience. With sensors deployed at home, we can quickly find out what there is in the room temperature. The sensor will provide comfort to children sleep with the light on, because it will turn off lighting in the bedroom only when children did not detect any movement, taking care of reducing electricity bills. The motion sensor can also interact with the lighting in the garden. If you notice the presence of a man at night turn on the light to the camera without obstacles can record an image. It is also worth mentioning that the device has a very high sensitivity. So you can freely adjust the sensitivity of our sensor depending on the situation, we want to detect or room were, in which it is to be mounted. FIBARO Motion Sensor can be installed on each stage of the existence of the building. Regardless of whether you just start, finish building a house, if we introduce the decorated interior.Furthermore, the sensor is simple to install, can be placed anywhere in the house. Do not worry, you can also change its position, as one of the most important advantages of this device is its mobility. This sensor is compatible with the ECU Home Center, so perfectly with other elements of the intelligence building FIBARO.

Technical data:

• Power supply: Battery CR123A, 3.6 VDC 
• Compliance with EU Directives: LVD 2006/95 / EC; EMC 2004/108 / EC; R & TTE Directive 1999/5 / EC; RoHS II 
• Recommended mounting height: 2.4m, 
• Operating temperature: 0-40o C 
• Measuring range: -20 ° C to + 100 ° C 
• Temperature Sensor Measuring accuracy: 0,5 ° C (range 0-40o C ) 
• Measuring range of light intensity sensor: 0-32000 LUX 
• radio protocol: Z-Wave, 
• Radio frequency: 869 MHz EU; 908 MHz US; ANZ 921 MHz; RU 869 MHz, 
• Range up to 30 m in buildings (depending on building materials, layout and design of the building and terrain), up to 50 m in the open

Additional information:

  • Unique design,
  • Detects even the slightest movement and changes in temperature,
  • The unique functionality of the earthquake detector,
  • Battery-powered, and the housing of the sensor provides a fast and non-invasive his installation on any surface.
  • Built-in LED traffic signals, temperature level, mode of action and can be a tester range Z-Wave network.
  • Fibaro Motion Sensor can be used eg. To create scenes and as part of an intelligent security system and surveillance.
  • Wireless communication protocol based on Z-Wave,
  • Wireless software update


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