Review of the most popular models of golden lamps | LED lounge
   10/20/2021 09:07:31
Review of the most popular models of golden lamps | LED lounge

Golden lamps for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom

Gold is one of the most fashionable colors in interiors for several seasons and is thus once again experiencing its renaissance. It impresses with its elegant, palace-like appearance and fits perfectly with both classic and modern arrangements. If you are looking for golden lamps, see the models we have prepared, which are perfect for many interiors!
Gold in interiors - what arrangements does it fit?

Interiors painted with gold immediately make the interior luxurious and prestigious. So it's no wonder that golden shades are so popular these days. Gold can be seen in all kinds of editions. Walls are eagerly decorated with decorative plasters, golden coffee tables finished with transparent glass forming tops are purchased, as well as chairs and armchairs with golden legs. They are perfect as an alternative to popular wood.

In addition, shimmering gold can also be seen on other elements, such as the frames of paintings and posters, mirrors, on decorative trays and knick-knacks, and even on textiles that are sewn from shimmering fabrics. When golden accessories play an important role in the interior, you should not forget about the appropriate lighting. Currently, lamp manufacturers offer many interesting models in golden color, both in painted and chemically processed versions, e.g. galvanization. What is worth choosing? We have selected the most beautiful and interesting lamp models!

Modern golden led lamp

Golden lamps - 6 most popular solutions

Gold-colored lamps impress with their appearance, but can also offer wide functionality. What is worth choosing?

1. Flush-mounted gold ceiling eyelets

Recessed luminaires are a practical complement to a suspended ceiling. They are perfect for many interiors - from the living room, bedroom, through the kitchen, and ending with the bathroom with models with a high IP65 tightness class. Now you can also buy them in a gold finish. Gold-colored flush-mounted luminaires impress with their exclusive finish and can perfectly complement arrangements where gold plays the first fiddle, they are perfect for various interior finishing styles: minimalist, classic, glamor, industrial or loft. Gold fittings are available in many variants to choose from. A wide range of these lighting products is offered, among others, by the Spanish company BPM Lighting. In its catalog you can find gold eyelets in round shapes - BPM MINI KATLI 2010 and BPM HALKA 2017, as well as square ones - BPM KARE 2000, BPM HALKA 2021 or BPM MINI KATLI 2011. There are also double and bathroom models.

In the golden variant, you can also buy other recessed luminaires, for example, painted by the Polish lighting manufacturer AQFORM, which attract attention with their futuristic appearance. They are available in various shapes and numbers of light points.

Also for the bathroom, you can find examples of IP44 - IP65 waterproof luminaires finished in gold, which are perfect for wet zones, both in mixed black and gold, white and gold and solid gold versions.

2. Golden ceiling ceilings

Gold in the interiors can also appear in the form of ceiling plafonds. These are practical lamps of various shapes that are perfect for rooms with a lower height. With their help, you can achieve the effect of complete illumination of a small room, the use of several lamps will provide good illumination of a larger area. In golden color, they will certainly become an original decorative element. LUCES lamps and lighting from the LUCES MONTE or LUCES BELL series will be perfect for modern, glamor-style arrangements. They have effective, geometric forms, in the MONTE series they are additionally finished with shimmering crystals, which makes these lamps immediately eye-catching and make the interiors look so impressive.

The gold edition also includes plafonds from the AQFORM MODERN BALL collection, which are made of an aluminum base painted gold, on which milky-white LED balls are mounted. Golden ceilings with increased IP, such as Aurora Satina Gold, will look good in bathrooms

3. Golden pendant lamps in a modern style

Although gold is often associated with traditional arrangements, it also looks great in contemporary interiors, including glamor-style interiors.

Golden pendant lamps in a modern style can bring an exclusive glow and splendor to the rooms. Thanks to them, the arrangement can also acquire a warm atmosphere, which is an attractive alternative to the harshness of silver steel. A great choice for a modern interior can be the Spanish SCHULLER ROCIO 1 LED pendant lamp made of metal and finished with a thick glass shade resembling a drop of water. Glass shades have effective air bubbles inside, they can be hung at different heights and create interesting forms from several lamps.

Among modern hanging lamps with a minimalist form, the lamps of the Polish company AQFORM also deserve attention. Since all lamp models are made of aluminum and then painted, any version of the lamp can be made in gold, regardless of the method of installation. These are both popular tubes and pendant lamps in the form of a line of light, such as SET TRU LED suspended, SET RAW MINI LED suspended or the exclusive AQFORM EQUILIBRA lamp, which has been awarded many times in design competitions, to those more complex models equipped with modularly arranged lenses that reduce the glare effect, or mixed versions of the AQFORM MIXLINE INV type, where short lines of light are complemented by lenses with LEDs. The offer includes a wide range of pendant lamps with LEDs and lenses that can be used as lighting for the entire interior or as lamps for a table, table top or island (Rafter or Lens Line).

Long golden led lamp aqform company

4. Lamps hanging rings in gold

Gold can also be a great complement to traditional interiors. Then you cannot forget about choosing the right lighting that fits its style in order to obtain the effect of palace splendor. A great choice for all arrangements will be hanging lamps in the form of popular rings of various diameters, consisting of 1, 2 or 3 circles, which consists of a metal frame and a milky or prismatic diaphragm resembling crystals. Round, hanging wheels with a diameter of 60 cm, 80 cm or 100 cm will look great in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and even in a traditional kitchen.

Beautiful golden ring big led

5. Gold ceiling tubes and spotlights

When the installation of recessed eyelets is not possible, surface-mounted luminaires are an alternative. Also, this type of lamp can be purchased in a gold finish. Among the many available models, the Elkim STALA luminaires deserve attention, which can be ordered with a height of 11cm, 20cm or 40cm, as well as in an adjustable version as a gold ceiling spotlight. They are perfect for contemporary arrangements - they have the shape of a slender cylinder ended with a replaceable GU10 LED light source.

An equally interesting solution matching classic interiors are colorful tubes with golden rings, which give the frame elegance and emphasize the uniqueness of the interior. An example is the AQFORM PET next LED surface-mounted luminaires

6. Gold-colored wall lamps

In the context of golden lamps, you cannot forget about LED wall lamps. These are wall lamps that can fulfill both a decorative and practical function, e.g. by providing a spotlight directed at paintings or furniture. They are also often used as bedside lamps when they will be placed on the sides of the bed in a bedroom or hotel room. Golden wall lamps with a lampshade look elegant as wall lighting.

In the bathroom, golden lamps above the mirror with increased IP will be perfect, for example the THIN TUBE HERMETIC shown below with a designer, slim shape and a diameter of only 4 cm!

Mirror modern gold led lamp

Gold-colored lamps are therefore a variety of proposals for any interior - traditional and modern, the available models allow you to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and corridors, and even bathrooms with gold lamps, thanks to luminaires with increased IP. When you arrange your house or flat with the use of showy gold, do not forget about lighting in this shade. Thanks to him, the interiors will shine with a noble glow!