External lighting
Garden illumination is an element that plays an important role in the attractiveness of this space, and yet it is still neglected. Why is lighting so important, what it gives us and how to illuminate the garden, we answered in our latest blog post. Welcome!
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Why should you opt for lamps with a motion sensor?

Facade lighting with external wall lamps

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Lamps mounted on the facade are a great idea to highlight the building. Depending on the chosen form of the lamp, its power, color, angle of illumination, we can obtain various effects on the wall or wall. They also work as a form of entrance lighting or space around the property. Which solution should you choose, at what height to assemble and what the latest solutions have? We invite you to read.

Free lighting or solar LED lamps

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Solar LED lamps provide free lighting after dark. Their assembly is extremely simple, they do not require access to electricity and most importantly they do not generate any additional costs because they use the sun's rays. A wide range of solar lamps makes it possible to use them not only in the garden, but also as facade lighting, entrances, driveways, parking lots, etc.
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