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What should be considered when lighting the kitchen and what to pay attention to. Is rail lighting in the kitchen a good idea and why would a 3-phase system be better? How to illuminate the worktop to provide the right amount of light? These and other information on our blog about lighting! We invite you
Get inspired by the lamps of the Polish manufacturer AQFORM, a recognized brand throughout Europe. It is modern design, high quality, 5-year warranty and the latest trends in lighting. See arrangements of surface-mounted LED lamps for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and office!
See unique ideas for hanging LED lamps of the Polish lighting manufacturer - AQFORM. Excellent quality, interesting and fashionable design, rich colors and various forms. Get inspired by designs and visualizations to enjoy perfect light in your own interior!
Independent interior design is a big challenge for the owners. Correct lighting requires the correct arrangement of lamps in each room, depending on its purpose. See what solutions to use in the living room, what works in the kitchen, and how to illuminate the bathroom.
When creating or changing the nature of interior lighting, we must remember that a lot depends on how our lamp is illuminated. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is replace the hanging lamp or add original lighting points. Then the room lighting takes on a whole new dimension of decor. Many renowned interior design specialists even claim that the lamp is a key element in changing the arrangement.
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