The most popular wall lights for bedrooms, a review of wall lamps that work well in every bedroom. We present the most interesting solutions that will delight with their appearance, functionality and light. See and buy lighting that makes it easier to read at bedtime!
How to plan the mirror lighting in the bathroom to make a perfect make-up is a question many ladies ask themselves. Which color of light will be the best and where to place the sconces? Read our article and find answers that will help you find the best solutions!
Well-chosen lighting in the child's room is a guarantee of his peaceful sleep and rest. Which lamps to choose, how to avoid glare and why is it worth using a warm color of light? What else to look for when choosing lighting for the youngest? You will learn all this from our article!
The kitchen needs good lighting, the small kitchen also has a good arrangement of the lamps. Which solutions to choose for general lighting in the kitchen, and what to illuminate the worktop or island? How many luxów do you need in the kitchen and what color will work best? Welcome!
Choosing lamps for the living room is a responsible and serious challenge. Living room is most often a showcase of our house and apartment, so the lighting of this room should be not only elegant, but also efficient. What to choose and what to choose when lighting is chosen, if the lamps can have different functions in the living room? General or accent lighting? Interested?
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