See the 6 most popular solutions to illuminate the corridor and hall in a modern and attractive way. We present ideas that fit any interior and budget to find inspiration for your own apartment, home and business. Choose proven solutions to optimally illuminate the communication route and use it in a comfortable way!
See the most popular hermetic surface-mounted luminaires in the form of a tube or cube with high IP44, IP65 ➤ Find out the details, prices, colors and decide which luminaires will be perfect for your bathroom ➤ Competent and professional advice. Be sure to read!
What should be considered when lighting the kitchen and what to pay attention to. Is rail lighting in the kitchen a good idea and why would a 3-phase system be better? How to illuminate the worktop to provide the right amount of light? These and other information on our blog about lighting! We invite you
How to choose a mirror for the bathroom?
Garden illumination is an element that plays an important role in the attractiveness of this space, and yet it is still neglected. Why is lighting so important, what it gives us and how to illuminate the garden, we answered in our latest blog post. Welcome!
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