Lighting large areas requires the use of large lamps that will provide the appropriate light intensity. Round LED plafonds with a diameter of more than 100 cm are helpful in such projects. See the proposals for LED surface-mounted lamps in the form of plafonds for large interiors!
A desk lamp is an indispensable element when studying and working. For the sake of comfortable conditions on the desk and a unique design, which is also a decoration of the interior, we offer an overview of interesting table lamps. Attractive appearance and effective light will be an additional motivation in the performance of duties! See our ideas for lighting the study and work space!
How to get even more light at home or office? Lamps shining up and down provide light directly under the lamp and indirectly around it, reflecting off the ceiling and diffusing into the interior, giving the impression of being brighter. Which model to choose and what to follow in order to keep up with the times and progress offered by the manufacturers of LED lamps? Visit the blog!
See the 6 most popular solutions to illuminate the corridor and hall in a modern and attractive way. We present ideas that fit any interior and budget to find inspiration for your own apartment, home and business. Choose proven solutions to optimally illuminate the communication route and use it in a comfortable way!
See the most popular hermetic surface-mounted luminaires in the form of a tube or cube with high IP44, IP65 ➤ Find out the details, prices, colors and decide which luminaires will be perfect for your bathroom ➤ Competent and professional advice. Be sure to read!
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