LED lighting for the wardrobe
More and more homes and apartments have a wardrobe. This is a convenient solution, because the wardrobe is perfect as a spacious wardrobe for clothes and more. To use it comfortably, it is worth choosing the right lighting. What to decide? We encourage you to check the advice in our blog entry. This is where you will find out what lighting for the wardrobe will work best! We recommend modern LED lighting, with which creating a bright space is eve
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Why is it worth investing in LED lighting?
LED lighting is very popular today. Not everyone, however, has them in their home. If you do not use LED light sources yet, but you think about buying them, check out this entry on our online blog. From it you can find out everything that is most important, LED lighting, as well as why you should choose to buy it. LED lighting is currently one of the best choices for different spaces - not just because it consumes up to 90 percent. less energy th
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LED table and countertop lighting in the kitchen
The table top and table in the kitchen are surfaces that should be brightly lit. It is they that serve us primarily for preparing meals, so the lack of proper lighting can be a big problem in everyday cooking. What table and countertop lighting in the kitchen will be the best? We recommend LED lighting, which is energy-saving, durable, and allows you to create attractive lighting arrangements in different interiors. Find out how to choose the bes
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Correct mirror lighting in the bathroom
With the mirror in the bathroom, we perform a series of activities that require precision every day - we care for the face, we paint, we arrange the hairstyle, we cut and shave the beard. That's why the lighting of the bathroom mirror is so important. In our latest article, we devoted a place to this topic. How can you illuminate the bathroom mirror attractively and effectively? Is it better to choose lighting fixtures, or maybe sconces? Is it wo
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RGB LED lighting - color therapy
LED lighting is not only white light, but also RGB light, meaning Red - red, Green - green and Blue - blue. RGB light sources, such as light bulbs or LED strips, allow you to create a variety of color combinations with one click on the remote. Thanks to it, we can give the interiors not only an original character, but also shape their well-being! Find out more about color therapy, or color therapy, which can also be done with RGB LED lighting!
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