Bathroom lighting
See the most popular hermetic surface-mounted luminaires in the form of a tube or cube with high IP44, IP65 ➤ Find out the details, prices, colors and decide which luminaires will be perfect for your bathroom ➤ Competent and professional advice. Be sure to read!
How to choose a mirror for the bathroom?
Meet the top 10 best hermetic recessed luminaires with high IP44, IP65 ➤ Which luminaires to choose? Perfect for the bathroom ➤ Competent and expert advice. Be sure to read!
Lighting the mirror in the bathroom can be problematic. However, you can opt for an alternative solution - these are illuminated mirrors and LED mirrors that have built-in LEDs for perfect face lighting!
How to plan the mirror lighting in the bathroom to make a perfect make-up is a question many ladies ask themselves. Which color of light will be the best and where to place the sconces? Read our article and find answers that will help you find the best solutions!
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