Modern LED lighting systems Modulight from BPM Lighting
The latest solutions allow for any configuration of LED lighting. Thanks to BPM Lighting and Modulight 10210 you can create any lamp that will be completely adapted to the interior and allow you to use all forms of lighting simultaneously: modern light lines, elegant modules with LED lenses and popular reflectors.
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Elegant glass lamps AQForm Modern Glass Collection
AQForm Modern Glass is a combination of hand-made glass and light. The experience of Czech and Polish designers has resulted in an exceptionally elegant collection of lamps of various shapes, designs and colors that can be found in private apartments, houses, gastronomic establishments or hotels. Modern glass lamps are available as hanging lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps, so everyone will find the perfect offer for themselves!
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Modern and functional track lighting
Track lamps have been a perfect proposition for residential, office, retail and commercial interiors for several years. Which rail system to choose, how to connect it and how to power it all works well? Everything you need to know about rail lighting in the following entry.
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Dimming systems for lamps LED
What are the dimming systems for LED lamps and how they differ. See the characteristics and method of connecting the lamps to various dimming systems such as phase-control, dali, switchdimm, 1-10V and Aqsmart, ie using a smartphone. Find out how many wires you need for a particular system and choose the right dimming system for yourself!
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Modern wall LED lights with light line
LED wall lamps are a great idea for decorating walls with light. Sconces that provide a slender line of light will work in all interiors, especially those modernly finished. They will adorn any living room, dining room, bedroom or corridor, but also walls in hotels, restaurants, offices or shops. The possibility to choose the light color of each diode separately allows you to create many interesting arrangements.
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