The most fashionable LED lamps AQFORM MIXLINE, RAFTER and LENS LINE - which one to choose?
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The most fashionable LED lamps AQFORM MIXLINE, RAFTER and LENS LINE - which one to choose?

Modern LED lamps in interiors take various forms, but nowadays long lamps are dominant, which are perfect for modern interiors. Meet the most fashionable models in Poland - AQFORM MIXLINE, LENS LINE and RAFTER lamps!


AQFORM is one of the most popular and best manufacturers of modern style lamps on the Polish market. Its offer includes many effective lighting articles in a variety of variants that fit into virtually all interiors.

The manufacturer's collection includes many original LED lamps - including MIXLINE, LENS LINE and RAFTER lamps, which allow you to create linear interior lighting. The functionality of AQForm products is evidenced by the fact that one luminaire can be a combination of both general and task lighting.

The basis of each lamp are narrow and slender aluminum profiles, which are supplemented with energy-saving LED light sources - for each variant of the luminaires, they have a different form, but they can be made to order with longer than standard lengths and combined with each other to obtain an unconventional effect and adjust them to the shape and size of the room.

AQFORM MIXLINE, LENS LINE and RAFTER luminaires are offered in four variants in terms of mounting:

  •     surface-mounted lamps
  •     recessed lamps
  •     hanging lamps
  •     track lamps (RAFTER)

Various possibilities of mounting AQFORM MIXLINE, LENS LINE and RAFTER lamps in combination with their many lengths and colors give almost unlimited possibilities in creating lighting in a linear dimension.

Luminaires can be used in many places - houses, apartments, offices, shops, service points or in restaurants. Their simple form fits perfectly with various spaces, thanks to which they provide practical lighting, but at the same time harmonize with other elements of interior design.
Modern AQFORM MIXLINE LED lamps with opal shades

AQFORM MIXLINE are the most popular lamps distinguished by their minimalist appearance, they are a timeless classic in a simple form. Due to its construction, this luminaire will perfectly illuminate larger surfaces. It has the form of oblong, slender linear luminaires with 2 types of lighting. Spot with lenses and general in the form of a line of light using a milky shutter. The built-in LEDs used in them are characterized by a very long lighting time and high color reproduction CRI> 90. Their slim design is devoid of screws, which makes the entire frame so light and effective.

Lamps are available in various colors: white, black, gold, gray, copper and mixed. Many variants make it possible to match the lamps to the color of ceilings, walls or other details in the interior. The AQFORM MIXLINE series is available in three light colors: 2700K warm, 3000K warm white and 4000K neutral white. You can buy them in variants without the possibility of dimming and with dimming, which allows you to freely change the light intensity. They are also available in two variants in terms of the incidence of light - a narrow one, which is 26 degrees, which effectively illuminates selected places, and a wide variant, which has 54 degrees, which will be perfect as general lighting.

The entire Mixline series is available in 2 types: Mixline LED and Mixline INV LED.

In addition to the length of the lamp, they differ in the way the lenses and linear lighting are arranged. In the standard version of the Mixline LED, the lenses are arranged on the sides and the light line is in the center. In the INV version, the opposite is true, there are lines of light on the sides and the lens in the middle. With comparable lengths of 160cm-167cm, the INV series lamp shines brighter, and in the lengths of 188cm-192cm, both lamps generate the same beam of light.

AQFORM LENS LINE lamps with point lenses

The AQFORM LENS LINE lamp collection refers to the MIXLINE series with its minimalist design. What makes them different is the form of presentation of light sources. In MIXLINE luminaires LEDs are placed together with linear, opal diffusers, LENS LINE luminaires use only single points of light giving the effect of separate lenses arranged in groups. The same lenses were used in both lamps, the lack of a line of light causes different sizes of lamps from the LENS series and 2 luminous powers to choose from in each lamp length.

Single lenses are placed in sections of 5 pieces and look great in any version: surface-mounted, suspended or recessed.

The simplicity of the lamps included in the LENS LINE collection also gives them unlimited possibilities of composing into original sets. Lamps can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to each other to form open or closed compositions. This also allows them to be easily adapted to the shape of the interior to obtain the effect of full illumination of the entire room or only part of it.

The lamps are equipped with top-class LEDs, which are characterized by a very long burn time of up to 50,000 hours and high color reproduction CRI> 90. They are also offered in two variants related to the lighting angle of the lamp - narrow 26 degrees and wide 54 degrees, which allows you to adjust them to a specific application. All this is complemented by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. AQFORM LENS LINE are luminaires offered in a wide range of colors - white, black, gray, gold, copper and mixed. So many colors mean that they can be individually matched to a specific place of installation and the colors of light used in it. The lamp power and the intensity of its light are related to its length. Lamps are offered with and without dimming.

AQFORM RAFTER lamps with reflectors and recessed LEDs.

The AQFORM RAFTER series of lamps is also lighting made in a linear variant, they differ from other MIXLINE, LENS LINE lamps in the used reflectors and the method of mounting the lighting points. They form separate, recessed points of light placed in the number of 5 pieces or directly next to each other along the entire length.

RAFTER luminaires are based on optical systems for task and general lighting. Thanks to recessed light sources and black finishes, the RAFTER with a set of reflectors guarantees high visual comfort, protecting the user's eyesight from unpleasant glare (even UGR <13 can be achieved). It is a great solution for accentuating a specific object or work surface.

Compared to the previous AQFORM series, the meshes are not separated between each other, but form a compact group, which makes the AQFORM RAFTER series so spectacular and effective looking.

Like the rest of the described series, AQFORM RAFTER lamps can be purchased in several color variants - they are white, black, white gloss and black gloss, gray, copper and gold. Additional options with gloss make it possible to match them with interiors where such textures appear. The lamps are equipped with built-in LEDs in three light colors, with the option of dimming on request and in two light angles, i.e. narrow - 37 degrees and wide - 50 degrees. The Rafter lamp collection is one of the largest, it also includes 3-phase track lamps, Multitrack magnetic track lamps and RAFTER MIX mixed versions.

Lamps from these collections achieved the status of sales hits in 2021 and for the next few lamps they will certainly be at the forefront of the most-chosen solutions for interior lighting, combining effective appearance and high efficiency thanks to the highest quality components. Check out all the AQFORM MIXLINE, LENS LINE and RAFTER models available in our online store and choose the best variants corresponding to your interior lighting concept!


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