Professional Artemide desk lamps for study and work

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Professional Artemide desk lamps for study and work

Artemide is a globally recognized company that produces lighting with an original design and solutions based on the latest trends and materials. In her collection you can also find a wide range of desk lamps that are perfect for study and work. All of them are characterized by a unique design that has characterized this Italian manufacturer for many years and results in many awards in the world of design. Some of the lamps from the Artemide collection are also innovative solutions on the market that are difficult to find from other suppliers, and which can be considered extremely practical and ecological, such as motion sensors that automatically turn off the lamp when leaving the desk. Check the overview of Artemide floor lamps for the desk prepared by us and choose the best model for you!

Demetra Table and Demetra Professional series

All lamps in this series are available in 3 colors: white, black and anthracite gray, but they differ in size and power of the LED diode, both have a version with built-in motion sensors that work when the lamp is turned on. In practice, this means that the lamp will automatically turn off 12 minutes after leaving the desk and turn on again when you approach it again. This allows you to save electricity without constantly remembering to use the ON / OFF button or in the event of a sudden leaving the desk and a long return to the workplace. In addition, both lamps have a built-in LED module and a micro switch on the head that allows touch dimming or brightening the lamp depending on the needs and working conditions.

The Demetra series is complemented by the smallest one, the Demetra Micro table, which has only a single arm and no motion sensor, but similarly to the larger models, it has a built-in LED diode and a dimming option. Due to its small dimensions, it will also work well as lighting on a dresser or a bedside table in a bedroom. Each Demetra lamp is available with warm light colors: 2700K or 3000K.

Demetra Artemide desk led lamp

Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table desk lamp

The modern Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table A0118 desk lamp is a proposal for people who appreciate minimalism and functionality. Made of aluminum with the addition of steel, it has a simple but elegant look that fits into a variety of interior arrangements, including loft, Scandinavian and contemporary. The movable arm and lamp shade allow you to direct the beam of light to any place. The modern and slightly industrial look of the lamp is emphasized by visible wiring and extractors, which help to keep the arm and lampshade in the right position. The height of the lamp is 37 cm, while its arm length is 45 cm, so it will be perfect for small desks or for a child's room.

The Tolomeo Micro Table desk lamp is available in 2 variants: for a bulb with a small E14 thread, in this version it is offered in as many as 8 different colors, including white gloss, black, red, blue, orange, gold, polished aluminum and aluminum. So many stylish color variants mean that it can be adapted to different interiors.

Colors Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table desk lamp

Colorful Artemide desk lamps

There is also a version with an integrated LED module: Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table LED 9W A011900 - only in the aluminum color variant. It has the same features and dimensions, thanks to the integrated 2700K or 3000K LED, it is possible to dim the lamp, which is not offered by the bulb version. This model will work especially in places where individual setting of light intensity is important.

Artemide Tolomeo Mini Table A0059 - alu, white, black E27 A higher model than the Micro version is the Tolomeo Mini Table A0059 series, which has an identical design, longer arms and more subdued colors, as it is available in only 3 classic colors - aluminum, white and black. The height is 54 cm and the arm length is 68 cm, the light source is a bulb with a large E27 thread. This version is better for longer desks and in larger rooms. Like any other Tolomeo model, the lamp is also available in the TOLOMEO MINI TABLE LED A005600 LED version with an integrated 10W light source, both with 2700K and 3000K color. Just like the designer Demetra lamp, there is also an option with a built-in motion sensor that will turn the lamp on / off itself in certain situations.

Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Table 09470 table lamp

An interesting proposition in the Artemide collection is the Tolomeo Basculante Table 09470 lamp. What attracts attention in it is an impressive lampshade made of parchment or satin, which gives the entire structure a warm, home-like, but also elegant dimension. Like other models of Artemide desk lamps, it is equipped with an adjustable lampshade and arm, so you can easily point them wherever you want. The lamp is powered by an E27 bulb and belongs to the category of larger table lamps

Desk lamp Artemide Equilibrist LED 12W black Fans of original design should also pay attention to the Artemide Equilibrist desk lamp. It was designed like a scale, resembling two arms ending with LED light points. Both arms of the lamp are adjustable, so you can arrange them in a comfortable way - also asymmetrically, for the perfect effect of lighting your desk or table. The Artemide Equilibrist table lamp is available in black and with a warm light color of 3000K. Two separate dimmable switches built into the lamp head facilitate easy lighting control. The last in this category is the extremely practical, designer lamp

Professional and designer black desk LED lamp

ARTEMIDE TALAK PROFESSIONAL 0687510A The Talak lamp has a structure of 71 cm high stem, which allows the light panel to be rotated around its axis and vertically along its entire height. The body has recently been modified to adapt it to the technological evolution of LED and to meet the functional requirements to illuminate the workspace even better. The new head is 15 cm shorter than in the original version, thus ensuring less interference in the work space, but at the same time more efficient in terms of lighting: the emitted stream is 3 times larger than in the previous version, with a minimum increase in power. The dimmer switch allows you to easily control the light intensity.

Modern desk LED lamp white Artemide Talak

The presented lamps are only a part of the wide range of ARTEMIDE lamps, which is known for the unique design and quality of its products.

In our store, there are also desk and table lamps from other companies, which should also arouse interest, helping with study and work, or be a decoration of a bedside table or chest of drawers.

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