Large, round LED plafonds - a review of models

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Large, round LED plafonds - a review of models

LED ceiling plafonds are lamps of universal use. Perfect for the hall, corridor, bathroom, kitchen and even the living room. They are also eagerly chosen for offices, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and other public spaces. If you are looking for a model with a shape that matches any interior, choose round ceilings. The large ones look great in larger rooms such as a living room, restaurant, office or commercial space. Due to their dimensions and the power of the LED sources used, they are most often also available in various dimming versions, which can be of great importance especially in houses or apartments. We consider models with min. diameter 60cm, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our proposals for large ceiling lamps!

AQFORM BIG SIZE Next Round 40238 surface-mounted ceiling

This is a minimalist proposal in a large format - the AQFORM BIG SIZE ceiling is available in three diameter variants, namely 66cm, 96cm and 122cm, made of aluminum and plastic. The family of BIG SIZE plafonds also includes hanging and recessed models, also from large diameters. The BIG SIZE Next Round lamp from AQFORM is equipped with modern LEDs that ensure reliable operation for years, LEDs are available in several variants of light colors as warm white 3000K, natural white 4000K and mixed, which allows you to choose a temperature in the range of 2700K-6500K , which allows you to set the color of light depending on the time of day, activities or interior design. There are five different casing colors available - gray, white, black, gold or copper, so it is easy to match it to many interiors. The lamp is available both in the ON / OFF version and in various dimming systems, including the application on the phone (AQsmart).

Big size round surface led lamp

OXYLED SORIA LED ceiling lamp - white, black

Another lamp on our list of large LED plafonds is OXYLED SORIA. It is a minimalist round lamp, which is also available in several size variants, the largest of which is L with a diameter of 87.5 cm and XL with a diameter of 115 cm. The Soria ceiling is characterized by shining upwards with indirect light and downwards with direct light, and the prismatic diaphragm minimizes the effect of unpleasant glare. SORIA is distinguished by a modern design and uses built-in LEDs, the ceiling is available in two color variants - black and white, and in two light colors - warm 3000K and natural 4000K. Please note that the lamp is not dimmable.

OXYLED VIANA LED ceiling - white, black 3000K

The offer of the OXYLED brand also includes a round LED VIANA ceiling lamp, which is characterized by a simple appearance with a slightly recessed diaphragm. Like SORIA, it uses the up-down lighting effect and has a reduced glare factor thanks to the use of a prismatic diffuser. The largest models are also L with a diameter of 87.5 cm and XL with a diameter of 115 cm. They are available in white and black and in 3000K color, which gives a pleasant, warm light. Like the Soria model, it is not dimmable.

Round ceiling LED BPM ALABAMA S-light 10192

The Spanish company BPM Lighting offers a round LED ALABAMA S-light 10192 ceiling to meet the seekers of lamps in all colors of the rainbow. It will work in many interiors, both residential and office, as well as commercial and hotel. You can choose from a wide range of as many as 12 housing colors, including white, black, gold, blue, green, sea, red, flamingo pink, pink, orange and anodized aluminum. Among so many proposals, you can easily choose the one that suits your arrangement. The largest LED ALABAMA S-light plafonds have a diameter of 95cm and 125cm (power over 300W!). They are distinguished by a low body of 9 cm, therefore they are also suitable for interiors with low ceilings. There are 3 light colors to choose from - warm white 2700K or 3000K and natural white 4000K. The maximum durability and efficiency of lighting is ensured by OSRAM diodes, the lamp can be made in any popular dimming system: swichdimm, 1-10V or Dali.

big sizes plafonds ledmodern, black, big surface round led lamps

Circular LED ceiling lamp BPM ALBERTA S-light 10193 65cm-125cm

An interesting alternative to standard lamps is the circular LED ceiling lamp BPM ALBERTA S-light. It is a large surface-mounted lamp that immediately attracts attention with its original appearance. The maximum diameter is up to 125 cm, so it will be perfect even in the largest rooms. The ALBERTA S-light lamp uses modern OSRAM LED modules, which ensure energy efficiency and durability for many years, so it can be an effective complement to the interior design in a modern style. Similarly to the ALABAMA S-light model from BPM Lighting, the ALBERTA S-light lamp is offered in a wide range of 12 colors to choose from. There are 3 light colors available - warm white 2700K, 3000K and neutral white 4000K, so you can adjust them to the desired lighting effect. Like other BPM lamps, it can be made in any popular dimming system: swichdimm, 1-10V or Dali.

Circular LED ceiling lamp BPM

Black, white ceiling BPM FLORIDA 10190 3000K, 4000K diameter 45-125cm

Our list also includes BPM FLORIDA 10190 plafonds available in 4 diameters: 45cm, 65cm, 95cm and 125cm. This model attracts attention with its two-color finish: on the outside in white or black, the inside of the lamp creates a colorful reflector - there are up to 10 colors to choose from. Thanks to this, you can easily create a lamp adapted to the character of the interior. The BPM FLORIDA 10190 lamp is perfect for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or corridors, and is also recommended for installation in offices, commercial or hotel rooms. Built-in OSRAM diodes are responsible for the reliable operation of the lamp for many years. They are available in warm white 2700K, 3000K and natural white 4000K and can be made in a dimmable version.

Modern, round big plafond led


The last and the biggest proposal is the CLEONI ABA PLUS LED ceiling. As the only standard, it reaches a diameter of up to 160 cm, while each other size is only 10cm smaller, so it is easy to order lamps with a diameter of 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, etc., up to the aforementioned 160cm. Everything tailored to the needs of a specific interior, available in matt or glossy white, black or silver. It is also possible to make the lamp in any color from the RAL palette. The lamp is available in 2 light colors: 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white, a dimmable version can also be made on request.

very big sound surface led lamps

The solutions presented above are among the largest surface-mounted LED lamps available in the standard offer of manufacturers, however, it is also possible to make larger sizes for large investments. Ceiling lights were, are and will probably be one of the most popular solutions used in interior lighting, although not every project requires the use of large dimensions. Smaller lamps or other designs can be found in the LED ceiling plafonds tab. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer in our store!

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