How to display a picture thanks to lighting?
The beauty of the house and the refinement of its interior are based on decorations. They make the rooms feel special and attractive. One of the most effective solutions is highlighting images, frames with your favorite photos, as well as, among others souvenirs from travels. The atmospheric darkness from which illuminated decorations emerge defines elegance and good taste. How to use the light to add charm to your home? How to choose correctly?
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The most fashionable lamps in 2020? Bet on gold, black, geometric forms and natural materials!
When creating or changing the nature of interior lighting, we must remember that a lot depends on how our lamp is illuminated. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is replace the hanging lamp or add original lighting points. Then the room lighting takes on a whole new dimension of decor. Many renowned interior design specialists even claim that the lamp is a key element in changing the arrangement.
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Why is LED lighting technology becoming more and more popular?
Advantages of LED lighting, or why buy only LED lighting when decorating or renovating
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The most popular rail spotlights - what to choose for rail lighting?
Rail lighting works great in many interiors - at home, in the apartment, but also in the office or in the store. Which rail headlights are currently the most popular among buyers? We have prepared for you a guide containing the most popular manufacturers and proven models of products for the rail system. We invite you to read!
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How to choose an illuminated LED mirror for the bathroom?
Lighting the mirror in the bathroom can be problematic. However, you can opt for an alternative solution - these are illuminated mirrors and LED mirrors that have built-in LEDs for perfect face lighting!
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