Bathroom ceiling lights - IP65 fittings
Do you want to buy bathroom lighting mounted in the ceiling, but you do not know what to decide? We can choose lighting fixtures, spotlights, ceiling lights, LED tapes and profiles. Regardless of what kind of lighting and style of arrangement you prefer, remember to choose such lighting items that will guarantee maximum safety. A bathroom is a room where elevated temperature and humidity often prevail. That's why the lighting used in it should ha
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IP marking - what it is
When choosing the appropriate lighting for the interior and exterior, we must pay special attention to its construction. In those spaces in which moisture or excessive dust appears, this is of particular importance. That is why the IP designation was created, which is used to categorize electrical devices for the tightness of their housing. What is under the designation IP20? And what about IP65? You will learn from the latest article on our blog
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Colors of light - type and purpose
Since LED lighting has become so popular, more and more often we can come across the question - what is the color of light? We devoted this topic to the place in this post on our online blog. The color of light is very important in shaping our reception of space, which is why it is worth taking into account when choosing LED bulbs and other types of LED lighting. What are the warm, neutral and cool colors of light? What are the effects on people?
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Current trends in LED lighting for the living room
Trends change not only in fashion, but also in the lighting industry. If you are at the stage of arranging a living room and want to choose stylish lighting for it, in our latest blog post you will find many interesting ideas! We have devoted time above all to modern LED lighting, which is currently the most often chosen for various arrangements in homes and more. What are the current trends in LED lighting for the living room? If you want to fin
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LED ceiling lights - fashionable lighting in many variants
LED ceilings are an attractive alternative to traditional lighting ceiling lights - ceiling lamps intended for mounting directly under the ceiling. LED technology allows you to achieve a stylish lighting effect of various spaces - living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors or wardrobes. The multitude of patterns allows you to fit LED ceiling lights to virtually any arrangement - both classic and modern. If you also want to opt for LED ceiling l
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