Lighting in a child's room
LED lighting is also great for a children's room. Thanks to various lighting products based on LED diodes, you can get very attractive results - also where the youngest are. Ceiling and standing lamps with LED bulbs, LED strips, lighting eyes with LED diodes - these are just a few suggestions from many LED articles. If you do not know what to decide for, see now our guide on lighting in the child's room and choose the best suggestions!
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Facts and myths about LED lighting
LED technology is currently very popular and is often used to illuminate various spaces. There were also many myths around it. Do LED diodes really shine after 100,000 hours? Are LED light sources ecological? Does LED lighting have a limited range of color temperature? Do LEDs have a low level of color rendering? These are just a few questions that we answer. We invite you to check all the facts and myths about LED lighting!
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Discreet stair and corridor lighting - LED lamps
Elegant, stylish, discreet - stair and corridor lighting can also create a climate in the interiors. Regardless of whether we are talking about staircases and corridors in homes, hotels or offices, the selection of appropriate lighting items does not have to be difficult. Modern LED lighting allows you to achieve exceptional effects and further reduces energy consumption. If you also want to create an unusual lighting on the stairs and corridor,
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Linear backlight for entry from paving stones
Do you think about highlighting the entrance to your property? Choose modern solutions! In this role, the linear backlight, which can be obtained by using special LED profiles installed in the paving stone, will work perfectly. Modern LED luminaires allow for the creation of non-trivial light compositions outside, and at the same time guarantee maximum resistance to external factors - low and high temperatures, humidity, pressure. Check what high
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Why is it worth buying a ceiling fan with LED lighting
Do you like functional solutions? In this case, you will surely like a ceiling fan with LED lighting! Such modern items can now also be bought in Poland. Perfect for warm days when you want to reduce the temperature in the room. In addition, they can also act as a ceiling lamp that provides effective illumination of the space. By using LED technology, energy consumption is even lower! Find out more about fans equipped with LED lighting!
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