Garden illumination - how to do outdoor lighting well?
Garden illumination is an element that plays an important role in the attractiveness of this space, and yet it is still neglected. Why is lighting so important, what it gives us and how to illuminate the garden, we answered in our latest blog post. Welcome!
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AQFORM ceiling lamps - ideas, inspirations, realizations
Get inspired by the lamps of the Polish manufacturer AQFORM, a recognized brand throughout Europe. It is modern design, high quality, 5-year warranty and the latest trends in lighting. See arrangements of surface-mounted LED lamps for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and office!
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Pendant LED lamps - inspirations, ideas and projects from AQFORM
See unique ideas for hanging LED lamps of the Polish lighting manufacturer - AQFORM. Excellent quality, interesting and fashionable design, rich colors and various forms. Get inspired by designs and visualizations to enjoy perfect light in your own interior!
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The most popular bathroom recessed luminaires
Meet the top 10 best hermetic recessed luminaires with high IP44, IP65 ➤ Which luminaires to choose? Perfect for the bathroom ➤ Competent and expert advice. Be sure to read!
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