LED lighting in a hotel room-what to use
A hotel room should create the impression of a cozy and comfortable space. To achieve this effect, it is important not only a comfortable bed, but also adequate lighting! You can also choose LED solutions to illuminate the hotel room. Modern lamps, strips and LED eyes are perfect for small hotel rooms and luxury apartments. Thanks to them, you can create an eye-friendly space that will immediately introduce each guest into a relaxed mood. Check w
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Lighting for shop and exhibition windows
The site is a showcase of the store, so you should take care of its attractive appearance to attract customers. Various items can be displayed on the shop window, but it is also worth remembering how important it is to have adequate lighting. Today, LED lighting is most often used as the lighting for shop and display windows, for example modern LED profiles with LED strips. Find out more about LED lighting on the shop window from our article!
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Line lighting in Armstrong modular ceilings
Modular ceilings or ceilings of Armstrong are suspended ceilings, which are very often used in offices and other public spaces. Thanks to them, it is also possible to create attractive interior lighting - it is enough to choose appropriate lighting solutions. LED profiles also work well in this role. Our latest article was entirely devoted to LED line lighting in Armstrong modular ceilings. Check more!
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Linear lighting with LED profiles in plasterboard panels
Modern LED lighting profiles are a way to elegantly finish any space with suspended ceilings made of drywall. They perfectly fit into contemporary arrangements of houses, apartments, as well as other interiors - restaurants, hotels or offices. The LED diodes used in them make them energy-efficient, durable and versatile. You do not know which LED profiles to choose? See our models of technical LED profiles and choose those that will work in the i
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Aluminum and MDF profiles for LED strips - protection and aesthetics
Profiles for LED strips allow you to create elegant lighting systems in different interiors. They provide aesthetics and protection for LED strips placed in ceilings, walls and in floors. Currently on sale we will find many interesting models of LED profiles. What profiles should you choose for your project? Aluminum or MDF? How to choose LED profiles for bathroom and outside? How to assemble the LED profile? We invite you to read our blog entry
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