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AQForm lighting (until 2018. Aquaform) is a great Polish company, manufacturer of LED lamps and halogen fittings, known for its modern lamps and ceiling fittings not only in our country, but also beyond its borders! AQForm lighting impresses with its design, offers the highest quality materials and affordable prices - that's why it is so eagerly chosen by many customers, as well as designers and architects. AQForm is primarily an elegant lighting fixtures - surface, recessed, ceiling and suspended lamps. Squares, Petpot and Tuba 111 have been the most popular for many years and are available in many sizes, heights, assembly methods, colors and light sources. The equally often selected collections include: Big cube, Ring, Cadva, Cadra, I-form, Tuba, Sleek distance, Set Raw, SET TRU, Aluline, Rafter, Mixline, Petpot, Ares, Bares, Ceres and others. in many available variants, colors and styles. The Modern Glass collection is a novelty for the season 2019, it is distinguished by the fact that decorative lamps are made of hand-sanded glass.

AQForm lamps (Aquaform)

The Aquaform company specializes in providing stylish lighting products for over 20 years. From the beginning of its activity, the focus has been on providing customers with access to the best quality lamps, light sources and other products designed to create functional lighting. Today, the Aquaform range consists of several hundred different models that are perfect for arranging private and public spaces - single-family homes, apartments, apartments, offices or hotels. In private spaces, they are great for living, living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathrooms. We can also finish them with corridors, staircases, children's rooms or terraces and balconies. The richness of designs and colors will delight anyone who appreciates good design.

Aquaform lighting is the perfect choice for any space - no matter where they appear, they bring undeniable chic to the interior and immediately catch your eye, it's just a good choice! The Aquaform - AQForm Lighting company offer includes:

  •     halogen fixtures
  •     hanging lamps and ceiling lamps plafonds
  •     sconces
  •     headlights
  •     rail lighting
  •     light sources

All Aquaform products are made of the highest quality materials that are responsible for their elegant appearance, durability and durability. Aluminum, glass, plastics are just some of them. The use of carefully selected materials for the production of lighting products means that they can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. A full range of color variants means that we can easily match them to any space. We can choose matte, metallic and mixed finishes that combine different colors for an original look.

AQForm LED lighting
AQForm also follows modern technologies - currently, most of its articles allow the use of advanced LED technology, which is based on LED diodes. LED lighting is energy-saving - it uses up to 90% less energy than standard light sources, it is also very durable, so there is no need for frequent replacement of bulbs with new ones.

AQForm ceiling fittings
Interior lamps are the widest range of the Polish manufacturer's offer which are lighting and technical fittings, offered in many variants and sizes as:

  •     suspended luminaires
  •     surface mounted luminaires
  •     recessed luminaires
  •     system fittings
  •     fittings with increased air-tightness

Modern hanging lamps are designed for hanging under the ceiling on appropriately strong cords and wires - thanks to this, you can freely adjust their height, so they are also suitable for rooms with very high ceilings. They are available in many attractive designs to choose from which perfectly match modern and classically decorated spaces. The company offers fittings in square, rectangular, round shapes, linear fixtures, equipped with glass and material shades with one, two and three light sources. In this category, the Balance Equilibra model deserves particular attention, for which Aquaform received the RED DOT 2015 award in the category of lighting and lamps.

Surface mounted luminaires are available in many original designs to choose from - they are designed for installation on ceilings, therefore they do not require a suspended ceiling. AQForm recessed luminaires are designed for suspended ceilings. They allow for flush with the ceiling, i.e. obtaining an elegant, smooth surface of the ceiling. They can also be installed in the depths of the ceiling.

AQForm has prepared special system luminaires for large spaces. This series of fittings, which are a configurable system of lighting modules with additional accessories. They can be combined to create a composition that is individually tailored to the client's expectations. System fittings from Aquaform are available in recessed, surface and suspended variants. It is also worth pointing to Aquaform lamps - AQForm designed especially for space with a higher humidity level, as well as outside. Luminaires with increased air-tightness complying with IP standards can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, balconies, as well as in other spaces where there is a risk of moisture and contamination.

AQForm wall lamps
In the assortment of the Polish manufacturer, we can also find a full range of wall lamps, these are wall lamps designed for wall mounting. Aqform sconce over mirrors is a wide range of exceptional models, also in the hermetic version for different spaces - they are perfect as bathroom, architectural and other lighting.

AQForm spotlights
In order to obtain strong, spot lighting, it is worth choosing the Aquaform reflectors. These are modern, easy to adjust lamps designed for ceiling and wall mounting - they can also work with busbars - track lighting. AQForm reflectors look great in different spaces, including living rooms, corridors and kitchens, as well as in other, larger buildings where it is important to obtain optimal lighting parameters, for example in stores, art galleries or museums.

AQForm track lamps
The company uses the highest quality LUMISYS brand busbars. For his lamps he uses surface-mounted rail systems and in a recessed version for drywall ceilings. Busways, or track light type lighting, allow you to create an individual lighting system based on ceiling-mounted rails. These rails can create different forms and cooperate with AQForm reflectors, which can be freely arranged on them.

AQForm light sources
AQForm also offers a full range of light sources for its lamps. The company offers various types of light sources in terms of their technology, power, luminous flux, color temperature, lighting angle and dimming options. Under the name purelamp, there are excellent retrofits of the AR111 and ES111 halogen bulbs with a designer look.

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