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AQUAFORM SET Aluline LED Recessed  is a line of light provides even lighting of the entire surface. Polish lighting, excellent company AQUAFORM, with built-in LED modules of 2 light colors to choose from: warm white 3000K or natural white 4000K. Lamp with a minimalist form, made ​​of aluminum, painted in one of 12 colors - both matte and glossy like.You have the following lengths: 58cm, 87cm, 115cm, 143cm, 171cm and 199cm, each length has two versions: the weaker and stronger. It is intended for general lighting, illumination of workplaces, recreation, transportation routes. Perfect for any room in the private as well as in offices, hotels, shops.

Technical data:

  • LED light source 350mA
  • Power Input 230V
  • Power depends on the length: 58cm- (12,4W or 22,8W) 87cm- (18,6W or 34,2W), 115cm- (24,8W or 45,6W), 143cm- (31W or 57W), 171cm - (37,2W or 68,4W), 199cm- (43,4W or 79,8W)
  • Light color: 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white
  • Luminous flux warm white 3000K: 1312lm-12,4W, 22,8W-2400lm, 18,6W-1968lm, 34,2W-3600lm, 24,8W-2624lm, 45,6W-4800lm, 31W-3280lm, 57W-6000lm, 37,2W-3936lm, 68,4W-7200lm, 43,4W-4592lm, 79,8W-8400lm
  • The stream of natural light white 4000K: 1344lm-12,4W, 22,8W-2480lm, 18,6W-2016lm, 34,2W-3720lm, 24,8W-2688lm, 45,6W-4960lm, 31W-3360lm, 57W-6200lm, 37,2W-4032lm, 68,4W-7440lm, 43,4W-4704lm, 79,8W-8680lm
  • Profile dimensions 8,2cm width x height 11cm
  • The length of 58cm, 87cm, 115cm, 143cm, 171cm, 199cm
  • Mounting hole 7,2cm width x 12cm height x length (less than about 1 cm length. Lamps)
  • Alu colors, black, white, red, cream, gloss black, gloss white, gloss red, gloss cream, gold, anthracite
  • Mounting recessed ceiling
  • Manufacturer Aquaform
  • Warranty 24 months
  • CRI> 80

Additional information:

  • Built-in LED driver
  • Light source included
  • The product prepared in the individual order. According to the regulations of this type of store goods are non-refundable


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