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AQFORM LENS LINE wall is a modern wall lamp LEDs, which have a uniformly stacked lenses to minimize glare. LENS LINE LED light LED offers high quality and long life span (> 60 7 years 000h light 24/7) and high color rendering CRI> 90. Linear lighting is best suited for lighting of paintings, mirrors, prints, wall or routes. The whole family Lens Line has been designed based on the lighting unit consisting of 5 LEDs, so that you can easily fit the dimensions of the illuminated interior. Lighting design with a collection of LENS LINE LED facilitates the possibility to choose between 2 variants of power and light: the weaker and stronger version. LENS LINE fixtures are 4 ways of mounting: as surface-mounted lamps, recessed lighting, sconces and lamps hanging.  Adding to the different angles of illumination lamp ( narrow angle of 15 ° and 26 ° and a wide angle 54 ° ) will receive a universal proposition which can be designed both  accent lighting, decorative lighting and what functional illumination.  A slender shape with a smooth surface devoid of additional screws stresses the small diameter of the reflector (<14mm). Wall lamp can illuminate the corridor in which the rest of the communication system emphasizes the horizontal wall lamps LENS LINE LED or an image illuminated  with light having a high color reproduction (CRI> 90),  showing the wide range of colors. The relatively narrow body makes an impression in the form of light. Wall fixture has built-in LED lights 3 colors of light Searching: warm white 2700K and 3000K white or natural 4000K, the housing is available in 8 colors to choose from, and five different lengths 43cm, 68cm, 93cm, 118cm, 143cm which allows to adjust the wall bracket practically to the needs of each client. Wall lamps for use in both private buildings as well as commercial, office or hotel.

Technical data:

  • Integrated LED light source
  • 230V input power
  • The power depends on the length: 43cm- (3.5W or 7W) 68cm- (6.5 W or 14W) 93cm- (10W or 21W), 118cm- (13,5W or 28W), 143cm- (17W or 35W)
  • Light color: 2700K and 3000K warm white, neutral white 4000K
  • Stream of warm white light 2700K: 3.5W-370lm, 7W-670lm, 6.5 W-750lm, 1350lm 14W-10W-1130lm, 21W-2030lm, 13,5W-1510lm, 28W-2710lm, 17W-1890lm, 35W- 3400lm
  • Stream of warm white light 3000K: 3.5W-390lm, 7W-720lm, 6.5 W-800lm, 1440lm 14W-10W-1190lm, 21W-2160lm, 13,5W-1600lm, 28W-2880lm, 17W-2000lm, 35W- 3600lm
  • Natural white light beam 4000K: 3.5W-420lm, 7W-770lm, 6.5 W-850lm, 1540lm 14W-10W-1280lm, 21W-2320lm, 13,5W-1710lm, 28W-3090lm, 17W-2150lm, 35W- 3870lm
  • The length of 43cm, 68cm, 93cm, 118cm, 143cm
  • Dimensions Profile height. 3,2cm x W 4,2cm
  • Angle: 15 °, 26 ° or 54 °
  • depth 8,4cm
  • Alu colors, black, white, gold, anthracite, mixed, gray, copper
  • The method of mounting wall
  • The manufacturer Aquaform
  • 5 year warranty
  • CRI> 90

Additional information:

  • Built-in LED driver
  • Light source included
  • Possibility of the lamp in a dimmable version for a fee
  • The product prepared in the individual order. According to the regulations of this type of store goods are non-refundable.


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