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Ceiling fan with LED lighting Fantasia NEPTUNE

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Fantasia Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fan with additional lamps and LED lighting and the excellent pilot, a British company Fantasia Ceiling Fans. Fan with DC motor and LED lighting has a 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 years for the LED module. Up to 60% less energy! Available in two colors, white or brushed nickel module ledowy provides a warm white color of 3000 K and can be dimmed to 50%. Company Salon LED as the only one in Poland has a full range of fans with lighting ledowym Fantasia!

Technical parameters:

  • Speed: 82/130/176 rev / min
  • Type: Fan with LED lighting
  • Name: NEPTUNE
  • Size of the blades: 132cm
  • Color Fan: brushed nickel or white
  • Color blades: silver, white
  • Lighting: 1 x 20W LED warm white 3000K
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Weight 10 kg of
  • Method of mounting: a short extension or 15cm
  • The length of the fan with light kit: Extension - 42cm, "shortly" - 27cm

Additional information:

  • The fan has a three speed forward (summer) and three reverse speed (winter)
  •  Power consumption of the fan dependent on speed: 22/36/58 W

Why invest in a ceiling fan?

Aesthetic appearance, excellent workmanship, almost completely silent, rhythmic movement of the blades, the obvious effects of the fan in the summer and economic benefits for heating in the winter season, make a ceiling fan is one of the most useful appliances. It may seem strange to call home appliances ceiling fan. Coffee does not burn, does not sew or cook. However, by definition, a domestic appliance has particular application in the household. Ceiling fan meets these requirements and even exceeds them. Very few objects in our house can compete with a combination of external beauty, functionality, efficiency and reliability that comes from a ceiling fan. Branded ceiling fan (Fantasia or Global) add charm and character to any apartment or house. It will also help to lower bills for heating and cooling, making it an investment that will pay off. Ceiling fan directs air traffic. Accordingly, setting may cause the moving air can cool letter or "warm". Every once experienced the effects of a gentle breeze cooling the air. Moving across the air helps evaporate moisture in our body so we feel cooler and more comfortable. Ceiling fan is more than a device for cooling. It will also help very effectively distribute the heat throughout the house. According to the laws of physics, the warm air rises to the top. This accumulation of warm air at ceiling level causes heating of useless parts of our home in the winter months. This leads to more intense work of our heating system, which tries to heat evenly throughout the room. This may result in higher heating bills. Ceiling fan mixes cold and warm air layer, whereby the temperature evens out. By changing the direction of rotation of the fan, from summer to winter, warm air from the ceiling is moved towards the wall and then pushed down. This alignment of the room temperature without creating drafts. The result will be that warm air is there gdziego need - at a level where you live, not the ceiling. In the winter, so you can reduce the thermostat on radiators and thus save on heating. Quiet operation, sophisticated design and several speed of rotation of the blades cause the fan is nieprzeszkadzającym, effective and easily appliances that should be found in every household


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