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STEINEL lighting - outdoor LED lamps, plafonds and wall lamps

For over 60 years, the German company STEINEL has been creating technologically advanced products that change the daily lives of millions of people around the world. STEINEL is a supplier of innovative lamps and sensors for domestic and commercial use to create intelligent and reliable lighting systems.

STEINEL's offer includes a full range of lighting dedicated to external and internal use, including for homes, gardens, public buildings and industry. Outdoor and indoor lighting with motion sensors is an increasingly popular solution.

The range of STEINEL outdoor lighting includes various lamp variants that use innovative solutions. Among them there are, among others, lamps with built-in LEDs, which ensure energy efficiency and durability for many years, lamps equipped with motion sensors that activate automatically when a person is nearby, as well as lamps with dusk sensors that turn on automatically, when dusk falls. They are perfect solutions for providing light in staircases and communication junctions. In addition, STEINEL offers solar lamps that are designed for use in places where it is not possible to connect the lamps to the electrical installation. A wide range of home, garden and commercial products made of the highest quality materials.

The modern design of STEINEL lighting articles makes them a perfect complement to contemporary spaces, giving them an original, original look. In addition, lighting with a motion sensor not only ensures safety, but also saves energy. Some of the products available in our store allow you to control them using an easy-to-use application.

Salon LED online store presents an extensive range of STEINEL lighting products dedicated to gardens, balconies and terraces. Our offer includes luminaires, wall lamps, plafonds, floodlights, garden spots, illuminated lamps with numbers and other articles that ensure comfort and safety after dark. Choose modern design and the highest quality guaranteed by the manufacturer. Change your space with STEINEL lighting. Check the full offer!

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