LED ceiling lighting

AQFORM RAFTER points LED section recessed 54-213cm

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AQFORM RAFTER POINTS LED section recessed 30265, 30266, 30267, 30268, 30269is an offer of a recessed LED recessed lamp in GK ceilings, which maintains a perfect balance between comfort and price, contained in a compact, minimalist housing. Made of aluminum painted in 7 colors to choose from: aluminum, white, black, gold, anthracite, gray, copper, black gloss, white gloss, it has an integrated LED light source with a power dependent on the length mounted in black reflectors. It can be used for general lighting, and the 3 light colors 2700K, 3000K or 4000K allow you to match the RAFTER POINTS LED section lamp to the character of any interior. A well-lit place consists mainly of 4 factors: adequately high light intensity, its uniformity, color reproduction and lack of glare. The Aqform Rafter lamp can meet all these needs at a very good level. The LEDs and optics used are efficient and guarantee high color rendering (CRI> 90), and their recess and a slight retraction in the luminaire with the use of black reflectors allowed to virtually eliminate glare. Attractive design, high quality and an incidence of light of 37 ° or 50 ° will give each room a modern and unique look!

Technical data:

  • Integrated LED light source
  • The power and the light beam depends on the length
    1. Lower power: 54cm / 9.5W: 960-1090lm, 94cm / 14.5W: 1440-1640lm, 133cm / 19W: 1920-2190lm, 173cm / 24W: 2400-2730lm, 213cm / 28.5W: 2880-3280lm
    2. Higher power: 54cm / 20W: 1780-2020lm, 94cm / 29.5W: 2660-3030lm, 133cm / 39.5W: 3560-4050lm, 173cm / 49.5W: 4450-5060lm, 213cm / 59.5W: 5340-6080lm
  • Height 8.5 cm
  • Width 3.5 cm
  • IP20 tightness class 
  • CRI> 90
  • 230V power supply
  • Beam angle 37 ° or 50 °
  • Light color: warm white 2700K, warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K
  • Aluminum material
  • Colors: white structure, black structure, gold, gray, copper, black gloss, white gloss
  • Recessed mounting method
  • Developer: AQform
  • IP20
  • Warranty: 5 years

Additional information:

  • Includes an integrated light source
  • Includes LED power supply
  • The product is prepared on an individual order. According to the store regulations, this type of goods is not returnable
  • Trimming:

    Available from version 94cm!

    system - a system controlled by a traditional monostable switch (e.g. a bell switch). It requires a constant power supply of the luminaire, independent of the control circuit. Therefore, a minimum four-wire installation is required . The luminaire is controlled by counting pulses in a specific time - a short press results in switching on / off, and a long press is responsible for reducing or increasing the light flux

    . DALI system
    - an advanced system that allows you to control sixty-four luminaires or sixteen groups in broadcast mode. In addition to permanently supplying the luminaire with alternating current, the DALI system also requires a two-wire control line. It is thereforea total of five-wire installation required


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