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Set profile led HR-LINE + sheath milk 1m

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Set PROFILE HR-LINE + casing  for installation in cobblestones, sidewalks, bike lanes, parking, (designed to meet IP67 waterproof level). Profile made ​​of high-quality aluminum designed to tapes or strips no wider than 11.5 mm with LED light sources. The LEDs must be overridden specifically dedicated to this profile milky cover made ​​of polycarbonate, which is certified for excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation and flame retardant. HR-line profile with LEDs, cover and caps should be applied only in special sealed with silicone neutral (recommended Dow Corning 799 EU). Thanks to obtain a luminaire of high tightness, whose class resistance against ingress of solid objects, dust and water will be milky IP 67 cover and densely arranged diodes (LED strip 600) allow you to get as far as a uniform line of light. Profile fastened to the substrate, typically between paving stones or paving, on a frost-resistant glue. It is recommended installation of a special foam base, which absorbs loads on the profile and makes the profile is flush with paving stones. In addition, the foam can be used as a template for proper installation eg. In the pavement blocks. The design of the profile and parameters allow the cover to static loads up to 20 kN.


  • for LED lighting strips soft or hard
  • for applications in construction, landscaping 
  • for installation in the ground plane sidewalks, traffic routes, bicycle paths, driveways, parking 
  • for installation in a plane paving: driveways, parking lots 
  • profile design when used in areas intended for vehicles provides for standard load and maintenance operations - Utilities

Product Description:

  • Material: anodized aluminum 
  • Cover: frosted, made of polycarbonate, which is certified for excellent resistance to weathering, UV and flammability
  • Standard length: 1m
  • Mounting: panel with plastic, concrete or cement mortar for ceramics flexible, hardy 
  • Ending: We recommend NEUTRAL SILICONE, DOW CORNING 794, CLEAR 
  • Certificate: CE 
  • Patent: patent rights

Additional information:

  • luminaire HR-LINE continuously lit (light line), IP67 tightness achievable only with LED strips IP65 or IP67 environmentally friendly profile
  • The design of the profile and parameters allow the cover to static loads up to 20 kN
  • HR-LINE applies outside: paving, sidewalks, driveways, bike paths, parking spaces, parking lots and other outdoor illumination: small architecture, terraces, gardens
  •  When using HR-LINE fixture in roads and communication must be provided around the housing and stable ground beneath it. The area of ​​the substrate is approx. 20 cm from both sides of the housing and on its both ends. By the term "stable ground" should be understood as a place that during the operation will be working with the housing. This will prevent the phenomena of changes in the structure or the distortion of the rear seat fitting. An example of a stabilizing element may be reinforced concrete slab, flush to an area of ​​land on which will be built within the communication surface and directly on it will be located mounted on a pad cushion.
  • The deposition HR-LINE luminaires in concrete or other hard surfaces removable, you can use expansion joints between the housing and the surface material of the traffic, enabling, if necessary, dismantling the luminaire. Dilation should be made so that the fitting can be secured to the substrate, i.e., it would be in its "nest" is not lying loose. Dilatation example, you can provide separating the setting of the film surface, angle or flat bar like. You can also advance to prepare the socket at setting and then paste it into a flexible adhesive suitable for the given conditions.


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