Line light LED

LINE OF LIGHT profile LED KOZMA only 13mm

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Profile LED Kozma It allows for the effect of a narrow line of light zlicowanej the ceiling plasterboard. The dimensions and the milky iris have been designed in such a way that when one thick tape LED profile light shone without a single line of dots effect. Kozma profile mounted in slots previously mounted drywall - gypsum plaster adhesive (GS CECOL 20) or the assembly adhesive. Before pasting profile should take care of releasing cables. You may be introduced into the profile by performing the hole in the wall or in aluminum end cap. After the adhesive has dried, the flanges should be fitted with a thin aluminum with a suitable adhesive, apply the mesh, putty and sanded after drying taking care that the least possible affect the edge of the base profile. Then apply the paint filling in the edge of the base profile. After completion of these works mount LEDs, solder power, and assume cap. As a result, a line of light, the planes of the walls and ceilings, without visible aluminum. Such solutions are used for the construction of lighting systems in apartments, homes, offices, businesses, etc.

Technical parameters:

  • material: aluminum profile, the shell of polycarbonate
  • standard length: 1 m, 2m
  • Mounting: by means of adhesive
  • Cover: frosted
  • purpose: 1 LED strip with a maximum width of 10mm
  • Ending: Kozma cap of plastic (not included)
  • CE certificate
  • Patent: patent rights

Additional information:

  • The reaction was designed in such a way that the connection to the milk casing and the corresponding LED strip to give a uniform light
  • There are other profiles for the light: Lipod, curls, Larko, Lesto, Kozel, Sekodu
  • Cover protects the LEDs from the ingress of dust and undesirable elements that can cause contamination LED strip and thus deterioration of its light parameters!


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