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RGBW pilot + RGBW driver

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Modern control kit RGBW tape consisting of a pilot and controller (up to 4 pieces). A practical solution to control several zones RGBW tapes, which replaces the other pilots and controllers. From now on you do not use images of several other pilots, all tapes RGBW will be controlled with a single device that allows you to set a common color for all the tapes or for each zone separately!Control by radio remote control color based on radio waves is more practical than infrared remotes, because you do not need to measure the IR detector and work from anywhere. The remote control has a panel and buttons to control the colors and effects, and lets you manage up to 4 different color zones. The controller, you decide the pace and the resulting light effect. The controller has a variety of programs and color ring to choose the color of the backlight.

Specifications pilot:

  • Communication by radio waves with a frequency of 2.4 GHz 
    - Compatibility with RGB and RGBW controllers MILIGHT company 
    - Ability to control several-dozen controllers 
    - Ability to control 4 zones independently or at the same time 
    - 11 Keys 
    - Operating temperature: -20 to 60 ° C 
    - Operating humidity 30% - 85% 
    - Pilot Dimensions: 110x52x21 mm 
    - Weight remote control: approx. 49g (without batteries included)

Specifications Driver:

  • - The frequency of communication with the controller: 2.4 Ghz !!! 
    - Network Support Wi-Fi: Yes - if you only buy WIFI adapter * 
    - control the phone / Smartphone'm - Tablet: YES - if you only buy WIFI adapter * and uploading the appropriate application on Android or iOS (Apple) ** 
    - Memory of the last program / settings: YES 
    - Operating temperature: -20 to 60 ° C 
    - Input voltage: DC 12-24V 
    - Maximum output current: 24A (6A per channel color) 
    - Power output: 288 W max 
    - DC Type: Socket Connector twisted or 5,5x2,1 mm 
    - Operating Humidity: 30% - 85% 
    - Connection with terminal RGBW: by 5-wire cable - twisted ankle 
    - Controller Dimensions: 86x46x23 mm (D, S, W) 
    - Weight Controller: approx. 45 g 
    - Power consumption vigil controller: <1W 
    - Connection with terminal RGBW: 5 channels (Red, Green, Blue, White, V +).


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