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Description of the system:

BPM Crismosil  Spanish company BPM Lighting is a new, patented lighting system, with integrated LED light source or using fluorescent T5. This system is a combination of aluminum profile sunken in Crismosilu (a special blend of plaster, resin, acrylic and fiberglass) so that it can be easily mounted in the ceiling or wall with no limit to the length and without visible breaks. The structure is stiff and resistant to deformation, attached to the wall or the ceiling by screwing it to the angles of the pre-mounted steel. Active after assembly of the joints can be sealed with tape for the treatment of plaster, and then to paint in any color. Only then you can easily mount the light source. Dimensions are designed to create uniform lines of light both in ceilings, walls, or both at the same time even with significant lengths and without the formation of shady places. The length of the entire module is unlimited, is placed in the light source only, the whole milk blocking light diffusing well casing while masking the light source. This type of lighting systems find their application in apartments, homes, offices, businesses, hotels, etc..

Technical description of the product:

BPM MENORCA this offer 5 different models with varying structures and sizes. MENORCA Series includes the following models:

MENORCA 10550 - with finishes at a right angle

MENORCA 10551 - with finishes rounded

MENORCA 10552 - with finishes in the shape of a trapezium

MENORCA 10553 - finish one-sided

MENORCA 10554 - finish oblique

All lines of light in a series of Menorca have a width of 43mm and height of 66mm to 96mm, are designed exclusively for installation of LED modules (multiple module with a length of 28.1 cm). Tridonic's LED modules are available in two versions, the color of light and power: Warm White 3000K with a power 6,2W (820 lm) or 11,4W (1500 lm) and natural white 4000K with a power 6,2W (840 lm) or 11, 4W (1550 lm). The entire system is available in both dimmable and nieściemnialnej. Lines of light can create various patterns on the ceiling or walls, connecting with each other at an angle of 90 ° (other mergers require consultation with the manufacturer). Additionally, the model MENORCA 10554 ideally suited not only as a lighting walls, but also the floor. Product dimensions, weight, examples of applications, assembly, etc.. Available when viewing photos.

Additional Information:

The whole is assessed on case by case basis order and includes a complete system ready for installation. This means that the chosen model profile contains the necessary connectors, plugs, power supplies, LEDs, etc.. To obtain pricing, please email to: specifying  the model, versions of lighting, colors of light, dimmable version or the finished project for which the valuation will be made

Delivery time 2-5 weeks

Estimated price 85cm (3 LED modules)  version of Menorca 10550 - Net 1000PLN

Also available BPM Ibiza (65mm) and BPM Mallorca (180mm) different from one another the width of the profile

The product prepared in the individual order. According to the regulations of this type of store goods are non-refundable.


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