Illuminated handrail or balustrade
   02/11/2019 13:06:21
Illuminated handrail or balustrade
When we want to add "charm" to our stairs, but we do not know how to do it is worth using aluminum LED profiles. Stair lights are not always applicable, for example, stairs are suspended and have no contact with the wall or simply do not want to use them. This is helpful here aluminum profiles, which can be built in steps, railing or balustrade and illuminate them with stairs, while gaining a unique atmosphere.

We will achieve this effect thanks to special profiles – e.g. PDS-4. This configuration of the profile together with this casing ensures a uniform surface, because the casing is inserted into the profile and closely adheres to it without protruding above the profile. For this type of profiles, it is worthwhile to use additional PDS4 PVC end caps that protect the profile against the ingress of dust and undesirable elements, and which can cause the LED strip to get dirty by deteriorating its light parameters. The assembly of the profile is very easy, because it is enough to fasten the profile using a double-sided tape or glue to the appropriately milled handrail or step. Of course, an LED strip is also necessary. If we light the internal stairs, just a simple tape (outside the waterproof tape), the most popular is the white warm LED strip and the power supply selected depending on the power of the tape. All this will make our stairs gain an interesting effect and innovative, energy-efficient lighting, fully safe thanks to aluminum profiles and 12V voltage.

We will also get an interesting effect by attaching profiles to the risers in the stairs. Highlighted stairs and balustrade are usually enough to illuminate our corridor and create a unique climate.


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