LED lighting - a functional and cost-effective solution for the office
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LED lighting - a functional and cost-effective solution for the office

Proper lighting of the workplace directly affects the quality of work. Well-chosen for easy concentration, eliminates eye strain. Modern LED lighting is a great energy-saving solution. Various forms of lighting enable interesting arrangement of office interiors and matching the most favorable color of light. Pay attention to the color rendering index Ra. In the office, a light with a high ratio exceeding 80 is necessary, which indicates that the color is well reflected. The higher the ratio, the better. The cooler colors of light have a stimulating effect, which is why they are recommended for offices. Too cold, however, will hurt and can even cause a headache. The ideal solution is bright light with a color similar to natural light, or about 4000-4500K.

Office lighting depends on its size, but the fact is that very often there are several workplaces in one room. Each position should be lit evenly, therefore we give up the installation of one lamp in the middle of the room. The most frequently chosen variant are recessed LED panels that replace old raster fittings. They are characterized by high luminous efficacy and lower power consumption than fluorescent luminaires. Line lighting is also a practical solution. An example is the AQform Blos ceiling luminaire. The layout and number of fittings depend on the size of the room. The same amount of light should reach every part of the room. The lamps offered by AQform reflect the current trends in the arrangement of lighting in offices. In addition to purely linear lighting, ceiling and recessed luminaires with a choice of three or two bulbs can be selected. Individual luminaires are also fashionable, but require more compaction. They perfectly work as additional lighting for specific interior points. Rectangular and square luminaires dominate, but the producers meet the diverse tastes of customers and also offer round luminaires. They all look smart because of their simple but modern design. The production is mainly made of aluminum and steel. The metal glow is very stylish. Where the metal does not shine with a natural surface, the lacquered elements glisten. White, alu and black luminaires are not the only proposals of interior designers. Anthracite, gold or copper luminaires are an interesting offer. However, their choice should be dictated by the arrangement of the entire interior. A bold color can not interfere with the harmony of the workplace.

The main lighting is very important, but on every desk there should be a lamp with adjustable height of light. Desk lamps in a minimalist style allow you to focus on work. Right-handed people should set the lamp on their right side and left-handed on the left. Precise settings do not cause light reflections in the eyes, on the monitor or on the desk surface.

The pleasant office decor introduces a pleasant atmosphere. You come to such a place with much more pleasure. That's why it's worth taking care of the details. LED wall lamps on the walls will further illuminate the interior, but also constitute a decorative accent. In office rooms, images or beautifully framed photos look amazing. They can be related to the industry of a given company or present landscapes and still life. It is worth to look at them from time to time, because they allow you to rest your eyes tired of working at the computer. LED sconces above the paintings illuminate them, bringing out their beauty and making the interior more cozy. In office arrangements, sconces over images with LED lighting with elegant metal, chrome or nickel luminaires are most often used.

Caring for proper lighting, we reduce fatigue caused by many hours of work

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