LED lighting in the kitchen
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LED lighting in the kitchen

The aromatic aromas flowing from the kitchen make many people think of kitchen as a very cozy place. Situations when a social event moves from a comfortable living room to a kitchen is not uncommon. The specific atmosphere of the kitchen, especially the kitchen where there is space to sit over coffee, attracts irresistible charm. It is worth ensuring that individual kitchen zones are equipped with appropriate LED lighting. This will facilitate the preparation of dishes and give the room an interesting character.

The first zone is the top, on which we cut the products and use mixers or other devices helpful in preparing the dishes. The place where the dishes are prepared must be well lit, otherwise it is easy to cut yourself. The cooking zone including a stove, oven or microwave also requires very good lighting. If the light is too dim, it will not be possible to remove the dirt from the dishes properly, so you should also pay attention to the light in the sink area.

The main ceiling lamp illuminating the kitchen is very important. Lamp designers and interior decorators allow for a large freedom in the selection of kitchen lamps. There is lighting with a simple and spectacular design in the form of hanging lamps or plafonds, but the kitchen can also be decorated with very decorative chandeliers. The lamp should give as much light as possible in the central area of ​​the kitchen. Especially if there is a kitchen island in the middle where food is prepared, cooked, washed or when it is a bar island. It is also possible to additionally place on the ceiling several smaller points of light, e.g. in the form of ceiling luminaires.

The lighting of work tops determines the functionality of the kitchen. Modern LED lighting used in kitchens is primarily under-cabinet lamps and special LED profiles adapted for the assembly of LED strips. Profiles are great for lighting all surfaces of considerable length. One of such solutions is the Micro-K LED profile. Installing the profile requires milling the slot from the bottom of the cabinet. The solution is not only practical, due to the ease of assembly, but also aesthetic, because the edges of the profile covers the special collar. Furniture fittings in the form of under cabinet fixtures, fixtures for cabinet interiors and luminaires for illuminating glass shelves are commonly used. An example of a solution is the Skoff Led Punkto OML4 furniture frame. The TRIANGO LLT1 LED furniture fixture with aged brass is an excellent complement to the rustic kitchen, equipped with artificially aged elements, evocative of nature and handicraft. An interesting and very practical solution is the Solum furniture shelf, which replaces the bottom of the cabinet. It illuminates the table top under the cabinet and the interior of the cabinet, at the same time fulfilling a practical and decorative function.

Additional lighting of the worktop is very desirable, but until recently it was difficult to find a floor lamp that would not take up much space, and in addition evenly illuminated the whole table top. Fortunately, all expectations have been met in an innovative solution, which is a minimalistic PDS-O table lamp.

LED strips, under-cupboards and other kitchen LED lighting give a warm or cold color of light. The choice depends on the arrangement and individual preferences. It is important that the light is not too sharp, because it can then dazzle and cooking, instead of pleasure, will become a cumbersome necessity. Light with a warm color, i.e. with a color temperature of not more than 3300K, is preferred. It guarantees a cozy atmosphere, in addition, dishes in this light look much more appetizing, because they emphasize their natural colors. However, warm light is primarily for relaxation and not for work, which is why it is difficult for people with poor eyesight to prepare dishes in warm lighting. In this situation, for comfort and safety, it is better to choose a neutral light with a color temperature of 3300K-5000K.

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