The most fashionable lamps in 2020? Bet on gold, black, geometric forms and natural materials!
   02/27/2020 12:30:18
The most fashionable lamps in 2020? Bet on gold, black, geometric forms and natural materials!

When creating or changing the nature of interior lighting, we must remember that a lot depends on how our lamp is illuminated. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is replace the hanging lamp or add original lighting points.
Then the room lighting takes on a whole new dimension of decor. Many renowned interior design specialists even claim that the lamp is a key element in changing the arrangement.

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Fashion and convenience - Golden times for lamps in 2020

Trendsetters emphasize that 2020 will be marked by a wide, personalized range of colors, forms and textures that characterize fashionable and modern lamp collections. The absolute leaders in lighting design are natural materials such as linen, wood and even silk, iridescent gold and black colors, as well as bold, geometric shapes of lamps referring to the characteristic style of Cubism. Lamp decoration suggestions are governed by the principle of maximum individualisation of the interior, regardless of whether it is a home bedroom, a representative company lounge or office space visited by customers. Lighting style trends for 2020 are a time of interior design individualism.

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Warm, classic and royal golden colors are the leader of lighting design

The king of the colors of lamps announced for 2020 is satin gold - already fashionable for several years in interior arrangements, but now it is to become an absolute hit in the announced lamp collections. This coloring of the lamp fits perfectly with the combination called "greige", currently setting trends by combining boldly and freely gray and beige (hence the name of this style referring to the English words gray and beige.) Gold lamp will not only emphasize the stream of light in the interior , but it will make the lighting acquire a character of purity and brightness. Some bolder proposals this season include a combination of gold with a black lamp structure, and the absolute hit in this case is black, ebony wood. The interior lit with this type of lamp will become a truly unique combination of elegance and exclusivity, as well as cosiness and warmth. Satin gold lamps also go well with copper, marble or glass details, both in the design of the lamp itself and other interior design.

Cubist, geometric forms, but also soft lines of oval lamp shades

Another feature that sets trends in lamp interior design proposed in 2020 is on the one hand bold, sharp, geometric forms, on the other hand, delicate and natural, soft lines of lamp shades. Glass spheres, knitted bells and linen buds with a light bulb inside are back in favor this season. When designing lighting, pay attention to how the lamp works in the whole room either by emphasizing its character or contrasting clearly with the rest of the stylization. It should be individual and with a claw or soft, with a hint of melancholy. It is important, however, that these decisions are made consciously, and those staying inside feel its uniqueness. As interior architects say: in 2020, the so-called spider lamps will become a fashionable hit in the proposals of modern lamps. These are hanging lamps with a large light bulb, additionally decorated with exposed cables. Spider lamps are to replace traditional chandeliers. The advantage of this type of lamp is its versatility in lighting, good workmanship and blending in with a variety of interior styles, from loft or industrial to rustic. Spiders are also successfully installed in Scandinavian, Japanese or glamor-styled interiors. It is this hanging lamp that will light your living room and take on a new dimension, and will also attract the attention of your guests.

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Semi-oval or round shades made of different colors of glass

An interesting idea regarding the revitalization of interiors for the current year, through a properly selected lamp are semi-oval or round lamp shades made in different colors of glass. In addition, bottled greenery is interesting, because of bold reds and burgundy, on white, tinted glass ending. Some types of lamp shades of this type are suitable for mounting on existing structures and can therefore be installed by replacing only this part of the lamp. Fashionable effects of enlivening or silencing the interior with light can therefore be obtained even with a small amount of work and financial resources. Changed room lighting, thanks to such a lamp will immediately become visible.

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Natural materials and floristic design dedicated to modern ecological attitudes

Due to various fashionable pro-ecological trends for 2020, interior architects also offer investors to focus on natural materials from which hanging lamps are made, and more. These are to be coarsely woven linen and canvases with clear weaves, silk lampshades for bedroom or table lamps, as well as lamps decorated with floristic patterns, from flowers and arabesques to fruit and vegetable motifs embossed on textile finishes. The leitmotif of this style in lighting, i.e. joyful harmony with nature, plays with various earth tones, from brown and gray to yellow and green. The ecology of interior lighting understood in this way somewhat refers to the rustic style, with immortal wooden or bamboo details, but it can also be combined with very modern, raw interiors, in which it will give the room a bit of softness and coziness. What counts here is the intention of the mother presented in this way in connection with mother nature and concern for her condition in the future, but also the poetics of joke, surprise and focus on a funny design detail, for example, a hanging lamp with a giant pear painted by hand on a gray linen shade. Let us remember that 2020 is to be time for bold performance, personal experimentation with interior lighting, both intimate, home, as well as functional and representative. So let's not be afraid of playing with the light bulb of the most original lamps!