AQFORM ceiling lamps - ideas, inspirations, realizations
   08/21/2020 08:40:53
AQFORM ceiling lamps - ideas, inspirations, realizations

AQFORM (formerly AQUAFORM) has been delighting with its lamps in residential and commercial interiors for many years. Carefully refined and made to the smallest detail lighting is appreciated not only in Poland, but also in many European countries, where it regularly wins industry awards in the design category, including the most prestigious ones: reddot award, Design Award, German Design Award Special, must have , Good design or GOOD Design.

Light is an extremely important element we need for proper functioning, so artificial lighting becomes more important, which affects our activity. Properly selected lighting in the interior affects the comfort of our lives both during the day and at night, allows you to work effectively or rest properly. Light emphasizes the three-dimensionality of forms and gives a glow to the surroundings, exposes objects, performs many functions and provides a variety of effects. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with several models of ceiling lamps that combine the usability and aesthetics of modern lighting closed in unique forms.

AQFORM MODERN BALL WP x4 LED asymmetry surface-mounted 46999

Lamps from this collection, available in various variants, are characterized by minimalism, but extraordinary design, which are a timeless trend in interior design. The geometric curves of the MODERN BALL lamps will be a fashionable decoration for any arrangement, the glass shades emit soft, pleasant light, which is why they will be perfect as general lighting, also in large spaces. Such a lamp will be successfully used as lighting for a living room, kitchen, bedroom or passageway, or as effective lighting for a table or reception. The milk glass provides visual comfort, protecting the eyes from glare. MODERN BALL is also a good complementary solution - luminaires mounted on the wall create a romantic atmosphere.

AQFORM PET surface

The balanced form of PET luminaires is a neat combination of subtlety and elegance. The minimalist design and excellent parameters of LED luminaires create an exceptionally harmonious duo. For fans of traditional solutions, a version with replaceable light sources is available. The PET luminaire mounted solo emphasizes important details of the arrangement, creates a romantic atmosphere or emphasizes the special character of the exhibition. In a group - it is an effective task lighting, illuminates communication zones, and with appropriately selected parameters, it will serve as general lighting. PET means timelessness and usability closed in a neat body, the lamp is available in many variants.

AQFORM TUBA 111 230V surface

Lighting with a neat, cylindrical form is a solution that will be appreciated by all fans of timeless solutions. The round shape of the luminaire in white or black finish will always work well, regardless of the circumstances. More extravagant colors, such as copper or gold, will accentuate the design composition. Replaceable light sources AR111 or ES111 are mounted in a swivel ring that can be directed at a selected object or surface. A stylish and convenient solution available in 230V, 12V or TUBA QRLED versions, which includes an integrated light source.


The MODERN GLASS collection is a whole series of glass fittings, which consists of several different products with a different shape and structure of the lampshade. It is a story of searching for an archetypal form of lighting and shape that, while remaining friendly to friends, brings a fresh perspective. While observing the play of light and glass, it turned out that the most beautiful effects are achieved by simple forms of a tube or a cone. If the glass is of the right thickness, the light gently flows around its surface. Therefore, glass lamps allow you to neatly combine a decorative function with comfortable light, and thus become an increasingly popular addition to many interiors.


The first edition of MAXI RING has already been recognized for its design by the jury of the Good Design competition. The collection without compromise, combining aesthetics and functionality, has been expanded with smaller REVEL luminaires and a more home-like dot series, which a few years later also won the recognition of the jury of the Good Design competition. MAXI RING and REVEL will illuminate the huge foyer or gently break the twilight at home. They enable AQsmart control, and in the Tunable-White version they allow to imitate the color temperature of sunlight. The MAXI RING dot version, which shines with reflected light, allows you to create an unusual atmosphere, regardless of whether the luminaire will be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.


Each composition begins with simple elements. The unpretentious form of the QUPET collection is perfect for minimalist arrangements. On the other hand, the combination of luminaires in a group or a combination of different lengths allows you to obtain impressive compositions. Single QUPET luminaires perfectly cope with the lighting of communication spaces. They allow for the play of light and shade in apartments and rooms intended for relaxation. In larger groups, they can handle even large spaces, and their parameters allow you to create constellations of lamps without worrying about energy efficiency. Qupet lamps are available in both light bulbs and versions with integrated LED light.

AQFORM SLEEK distance 111x1 surface

Thanks to a height of less than 7 cm, SLEEK lamps will fit perfectly into low interiors, while the x2 and x3 versions will also cope with higher and larger spaces. The luminaires are available for AR111 bulbs or with an integrated light source in the QRLED version, which allow the use of DALI compatible power supplies and the use of advanced control options. Wall lamps and recessed versions accompanying the surface-mounted SLEEK luminaires make it easier to maintain the style coherence between interiors with different ceiling structures and functionalities.


Designed for large surfaces, BIG SIZE round, it can easily illuminate even several square meters with a single luminaire. In the PRO version, it will provide soft and delicate light despite the high power achieved and will allow you to get UGR <19 wherever necessary. Simple power regulation is already available in the basic versions, and the most advanced ones also allow color temperature control via DALI or AQsmart. Possible BIG SIZE configurations and sizes from 45cm to over 120cm allow you to adjust the lighting to each task


The pampered shape of the equilibra collection is a real feast for the eyes. Balanced proportions and refined curves, especially presented in glossy finishes, will add charm to any space. Thanks to its various dimensions and power, Equilibra will be equally well suited as aesthetic general lighting for a home living room as well as for large, spacious rooms. It successfully illuminates communication routes, dining rooms, kitchens and rest areas. A truly functional decoration for any interior

AQFORM LENS LINE surface section

The straight lines of the LENS LINE lamps with spotlight have something mesmerizing about them. Thanks to the optics with reduced glare, small lenses, rhythmically arranged along the frame, emit light that is comfortable for the eye. It is them that LENS LINE owes its mesmerizing charm. This collection is perfect for both private and commercial interiors. It is worth remembering that expressive, linear elements will add character to any space. Three lamp lengths allow you to choose the right variant for any interior.


It is a variation of the LENS LINE lamp closed in a square form measuring 89cm x 89cm.


In a neat line with a cross-section of only 32x42mm, MIXLINE combines two types of optics: diffused light and spot light. As a result, it is an ideal proposition wherever a combination of general and task lighting is needed. Due to its elegant form and comfortable light, MIXLINE is often used in leisure spaces such as the living room or dining room. Thanks to the linear disposition, it also works well as lighting for rectangular surfaces, such as desks, tables or passageways. Comfort that goes hand in hand with minimalist aesthetics is found in many places. The lamp is available in several variants and lengths.


Neat and at the same time extremely efficient - this is how SET RAW mini can be briefly described. This is one of the luminaires that should definitely not be judged solely by their small dimensions. A single luminaire with a cross section of 32x42mm (less than the size of a matchbox) and a minimum length of 153cm can effectively illuminate a large table or reception desk. The combination of efficiency and minimalist aesthetics opens a wide range of possibilities for the SET RAW mini collection. Thanks to this, luminaires from this family will easily find their place in both home and commercial interiors, such as offices, conference rooms or restaurants.


Who likes to strain their eyes when working in insufficient or too bright light? Rather nobody. That is why it is worth taking care of visual comfort. Glare causes unpleasant sensations, and one of the effective ways to deal with it is to increase the protection angle by recessing the light source in the luminaire - as in RAFTER points. Precise optics and a large protection angle guarantee high light intensity with extremely low glare. Appropriate optics combined with good light quality (high CRI, low ripple) will guarantee the proper visual comfort. The lamp is available in 4 variants with different solutions, including: lenses, lenses + reflectors or a version with a opal diffuser in the form of a line of light.


The TRU family, which is economical in form, offers a wide range of light parameters configuration. We can choose from: seven lengths, two power versions, three control variants (including wireless AQsmart) and three color temperatures. This gives over 110 standard TRU lamp configurations, without taking into account the 7 color variants. As you can see, these luminaires can be easily selected for specific needs. Regardless of whether it is the lighting of the office, corridor, living room, dining room or large-size interior - the SET TRU luminaire will always match.

The lamps presented here are only a part of the ceiling luminaires from AQForm. The company offers almost 100 different models and every few months it is modified with the changing trends in the lighting market. A 5-year warranty on all LED products offered by the manufacturer should be emphasized. You can find the entire offer of the Polish manufacturer in our store!

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of plafonds and surface-mounted lamps from other manufacturers!


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