Pendant LED lamps - inspirations, ideas and projects from AQFORM
   08/18/2020 12:02:55
Pendant LED lamps - inspirations, ideas and projects from AQFORM

AQFORM is a Polish manufacturer of lamps that has been providing the market with unique lighting for residential and commercial interiors for over 25 years. The lamps, refined down to the smallest detail, systematically receive industry awards in the design category around the world, including the most prestigious ones: reddot award, Design Award, German Design Award Special, must have, Good design or GOOD Design.

Light is necessary for us to function properly, and artificial lighting allows us to control our activity. Properly selected, it makes actions more precise: some colors and details can only be seen in good light. Interior lighting affects the comfort of our lives both during the day and at night. It is important both for effective work and leisure. The light brings out objects from the dark, by painting the shadows, it emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of the forms and gives the surroundings a glow. Luminaires are of great importance for obtaining the right lighting: optimally matched to a given function or effect. The light source is only part of a carefully designed system that provides the right amount and quality of light at the right time and place. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with several models of pendant lamps that combine the usability and aesthetics of modern closed lighting in an elegant form.


The equilibra BALANS lamp, thanks to its unique suspension, may seem to be a kind of contradiction to the laws of physics. The asymmetrically hung equilibra BALANCE on only 1 bar emphasizes the unique style of the interior. Attention to detail, characteristic curves and minimalist design create an original, solid and subtle form. The entire equilibra collection is the fruit of collaboration with the Polish designer Piotr Jagiełłowicz. Its multifunctionality offers numerous possibilities for creative use of the luminaire.

equilibra BALANSAQFORM equilibra BALANS LED wisząca

AQFORM equilibra DIRECT LED suspended

It is characterized by a classic double sling in a textile braid, the remaining elements of the lamp are identical to those in the designer model balans. It looks particularly attractive in black or white gloss.

AQFORM equilibra DIRECT LED zwieszanaLampa wisząca Equilibra

AQFORM Lens line section LED suspended

The LENS LINE collection is an elegant solution for task or accent lighting, as well as functional general lighting. Thanks to the use of an advanced optics system, the unpleasant glare effect has been reduced to a minimum. This is a great solution especially for illuminating long, flat or rectangular surfaces. In everyday life, LENS LINE will be perfect for art galleries, offices and communication spaces, as well as a decoration for a living room or lighting for a kitchen island.

LENS LINE LED section zwieszanyAQFORM LENS LINE LED section zwieszany

AQFORM THIN TUBE Central LED suspended

The horizontal form of THIN TUBE gives the luminaire lightness and subtlety, while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency. This slim design with a minimalist design is perfect for the kitchen, office or conference room. Its round, delicate shape guarantees visual lightness, while maintaining elegance. Thanks to CRI> 90, this luminaire is characterized by high color reproduction and the highest quality of light.

AQFORM THIN TUBE central LED zwieszany


A carefully selected detail is a stylish complement to any arrangement. MIXLINE is a successful combination of general and task lighting, available in several variants. It is a synonym of classic and elegance contained in a simple form. It is also a subtle decoration that offers efficient light. Thanks to its linear form, the luminaire will be perfect for illuminating longitudinal elements, beautifully brightening up pictures, tables, kitchen worktops and corridors. The versatility of MIXLINE means that this luminaire will find many uses, and above all, it will be an unobtrusive addition, decorating our space



The wide range of applications of SET RAW mini opens up a range of different design possibilities. It is a minimalistic lighting that fits perfectly into both home and commercial spaces. SET RAW mini is perfect for corridors, offices or kitchens. The domain of SET RAW mini are high interiors and this is where the luminaire can show its full potential. Its ascetic design adds unquestionable elegance to the interior. Pure class and design, available in lengths from 58cm to 199cm and 5 colors

AQFORM SET RAW mini LED zwieszany 58cm-199cmlampa wisząca AQFORM SET RAW mini LED zwieszany

AQFORM RAFTER points LED section suspended

RAFTER is based on optical systems for task and general lighting. In response to the diverse needs of users, a lamp was created with a set of reflectors recessed in the housing. The version with spotlights, thanks to receding light sources and the use of black finishes, is not only elegant, but also allows you to easily obtain a glare factor of even UGR <13, making it ideal for lighting desks, islands, tables, etc. This effective task lighting that accentuates the space or significantly increases the illuminance on a selected surface

AQFORM RAFTER points LED section zwieszanyLampa AQFORM RAFTER points LED section zwieszany


The RAFTER LED pendant lamp is designed for general lighting, instead of hidden lenses it has a opal diffuser and a very narrow profile of only 35mm wide and 62mm high. The model with a softly diffusing light diffuser is an ideal solution for general interior lighting, the lamp is available in lengths from 5cm to 198cm, the entire series also includes recessed and surface-mounted lamps, wall lamps and lighting for track.

Lampa wisząca aqform rafter ledSmukła lampa wisząca LED Aqform


The latest Modern Ball collection is a family of a dozen or so lamps consisting of symmetrically arranged glass spheres that emit soft light. The combination of glass and light is the perfect complement to any stylish arrangement. Resembling the moon in shape, the MODERN BALL luminaire combines a decorative function with high efficiency and visual comfort. Milk glass gently diffuses the light and protects the observer's eyes from unpleasant glare. MODERN BALL luminaires can be used both as general lighting and supplementary mood lighting.

AQFORM MODERN BALL WP LED zwieszany 59777AQFORM MODERN BALL WP x3 LED zwieszany 59779

AQFORM MODERN BALL WP x3 LED section zwieszany 59822


The PET collection is characterized by a minimalist design that perfectly emphasizes the style of the interior. Thanks to various parameters, these fixtures will be perfect for both high and low spaces. The "next" series, thanks to hybrid optics and an increased angle of protection, guarantees high visual comfort. The zoom version with a glass lens allows you to easily change the beam angle, even after the fitting is attached. In turn, for fans of more traditional solutions, there is also a fitting for a replaceable light source.

kolekcja AQFORM PET next LEDAQFORM PET mini LED zwieszany

Lampa wisząca aqform pet mini

AQFORM QUPET mini LED suspended

This minimalistic form of a cuboid has surprisingly many possibilities. The simple design of the QUPET collection perfectly matches the elegant interiors, emphasizing their distinguished character. This setting plays the first violin when we want to emphasize a selected detail with light. It will also be perfect for communication, office and hotel spaces. It will also be a great solution in the bedroom when we want to read before going to sleep without too much lighting up the entire interior. In turn, when used in a group, it will be perfect in larger spaces.

AQFORM QUPET mini LED zwieszany 17cm-50cmLampna nad stolik AQFORM QUPET mini LED zwieszany


The MORPH collection is another proposal with a decorative character and excellent technical parameters. Thanks to the accent optics, it will successfully illuminate any table or table, adding charm to both the home dining room and restaurant. Thanks to the possibility of finishing the interior of the luminaire in gold or copper, you can get a slightly warmed light, conducive to relaxation. This fashionable solution is perfect for homes, but also for restaurants and lobbies. Thanks to good color reproduction, each element worth our attention will be not only bright, but also full of color.

AQFORM MORPH flared LED zwieszany 50576Lampa wisząca stożek

AQFORM MODERN GLASS Flared GU10 suspended

MODERN GLASS is a rich collection of several dozen glass lamps, which was created in cooperation with the Czech design office DECHEM. This perfect composition combines sophisticated minimalism, artistic craftsmanship and effective technology, the lamps are available in several variants: for GU10, E27 bulbs or integrated LED. All this has been closed in a glass form, giving a unique character to each interior. Creating a pleasant atmosphere has never been so easy. Hand-made lampshades make each of the fittings unique, and a wide selection of shapes, textures and colors will meet the most demanding tastes. MODERN GLASS is an extraordinary ornament that can also be used in the form of a spider, combining several fittings at one power point.


AQFORM MODERN GLASS lampa ze szkłaLampa wisząca ze szkła do kuchni

AQFORM MAXI RING dot LED 230V suspended

MAXI RING lamps are a family that perfectly combines geometric functionality with aesthetics. The light-reflecting "dot" versions give a soft, decorative effect, introducing a blissful atmosphere of relaxation into the interior. Reduced glare, achieved by hiding the light source from the observer's view, increases our visual comfort. Especially luminaires with a gold or copper interior contribute to soundproofing.

AQFORM MAXI RING dot LED 230V zwieszany 50518AQFORM MAXI RING dot LED 230V zwieszany 50518 50cm

AQFORM KARI LED 230V suspended

If you want to emphasize the charm of the details that give our interior a special character, it is worth reaching for the KARI setting. Its unique shape and minimalist design make it a fashionable addition to any stylish space. KARI will do great both at home, in a restaurant or in the office. It also looks great in a group, hanging over a table or reception desk. This inconspicuous setting is a true style icon, emphasizing elements that should not escape our attention. The great advantage of KARI luminaires is the possibility of creating a Spider version, i.e. several luminaires should be connected to 1 mounting box

AQFORM KARI LED 230V zwieszany 50528AQFORM KARI LED spider zwieszany 50592

AQFORM SET TRU LED suspended 57cm-198cm

The SET TRU LED lamp collection is the most popular series of oblong pendant lamps. It does not compromise on technology, but remains simple and elegant. It is the embodiment of the thesis that "less is more." The raw design of SET TRU emphasizes the prestigious nature of the place. The luminaires are a perfect match for high dining, communication and office spaces. They are extremely efficient and allow for easy achievement of high visual comfort. SET TRU perfectly reproduces colors, it can be dimmed, perfect for people who prefer a minimalist style at home or who need to provide the right amount of light in the workplace.

AQFORM SET TRU LED zwieszany 57cm-198cmPodłużna lampa wisząca LED nad wyspę, blat, biurko

AQFORM's range of hanging lamps is much wider than the models presented here. At the moment, the company offers 87 different models of lamps and it changes with the change of trends in the lighting market and in the world of design and interior design. A 5-year warranty on all LED products offered by the manufacturer should be emphasized. You can find the entire offer of the Polish manufacturer in our store!

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