Discreet stair and corridor lighting - LED lamps
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Discreet stair and corridor lighting - LED lamps

Lighting of stairs and passageways. How to discreetly illuminate?

Many people ask this question by arranging a home or a company headquarters. Opposite your expectations, Skoff came out with a series of Music Line fittings. It is an innovative series of flat luminaires designed to illuminate passageways, stairs, risers or walls. The distinguishing feature of Music Line is their small size and energy efficiency. The housing is very flat, and therefore only slightly out of the mounting surface. The luminaires are made of aluminum or stainless steel and are available in 4 backlight colors: white, green, red and blue. They can be installed in ordinary electrical installation boxes, as well as in the fi50 (MINI version) or fi60 (standard or DUO version) openings. The STICK version gives the possibility of gluing the luminaire directly to the substrate with the help of glue or self-adhesive tape. Thanks to the LED technology in these luminaires, they consume minimal energy and can be powered for a long period of time, without exposing the user to high costs of use.
The wide range of Music Line luminaires is in line with the latest trends in lighting. The original, even restrained design means that these luminaires are used both in classic and modern interiors. The series of SKOFF LED luminaires not only raises the hearts of consumers, it has already won well-deserved awards and distinctions at many lighting fairs. A wide range of products from this series and dedicated power supplies can be found in our store. In total, you can choose from 107 models of Skoff staircase fittings and 4 dedicated ZOL power supply units of different power. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and purchase of staircases SKOFF LED

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