How to choose a good LED bulb?
   02/13/2019 14:45:34
 How to choose a good LED bulb?

The stores currently offering LED bulbs and other LED items are more and more. In Polish homes and in companies, you can often meet with LED lighting. However, also in this case when choosing the right models of LED bulbs you should know what to look for in order to buy the best quality product. This will help the ability to read information posted by the manufacturer on the labels. We often buy light bulbs without checking the data on the packaging. We only look at the type of bulb, its thread, and also the power and possibly the color of light, but it's worth knowing what to look for to match the bulb best to your needs, especially when it comes to quite new LED bulbs in our market. The new provisions introduced by the European Union come with help. On 1 March 2014, the EU Directive No. 874/2012 of 12 July 2012 was adopted, supplementing Directive 2010/30 / EU of May 19, 2010, which specifies the requirements for marking on the packaging of incandescent bulbs, including LED bulbs. What can you read from the label? One of the most important changes introduced by the new Directive is the use of new energy classes - these are the A + and A ++ classes, which were specially designed for marking LED products. The complete scale is from A ++ (highest) to E (lowest). The second important element is the determination of annual energy consumption in kWh per 1000 hours. The new label must also include information on the place of origin of the product and the manufacturer's designation

All elements on the labels are:    

  • border line     
  • EU logo     
  • energy logo     
  • logo strap
  • energy efficiency
  • scale from A ++ to E     
  • designation of the energy efficiency class     
  • weighted energy consumption     
  • supplier's name or trademark     
  • the model of the supplier

New obligations for producers Producers of light bulbs and lighting fixtures must ensure that their products are appropriately marked. In the case of value determination, it is necessary to use modern, precise measurement methods, for which a sample of at least twenty lamps or bulbs of the same model, preferably coming from four different sources, should be used. The label on the article must have the right size, font and logo of the EU and energy, which will allow the consumer to compare products from different companies more easily. When choosing LED bulbs, it is worth to take a look at the label - thanks to it you will be able to choose the most energy-saving bulb, the use of which will involve minimal costs. Manufacturers must also remember about the correct labeling of their products to help consumers match the right sources